Learn More About the Best Microsurgical Devices that are Improving People’s Lives

Synovis Micro Companies Alliance is a serious company, built on trust, cooperation, mutual respect an high communication. The company first opened their doors in 2000, and ever since then, they’re focused on bringing reconstructive microsurgeon advancements in products and services. The company has been successfully growing for the past 20 years, but the things that never changed since day one, is their focus on building firm relationships, courage and exercising core values.

Synovis Micro Companies Alliance was built to help surgeons from all around the world, to save more lives and  improve the patient’s quality of life.

As we already said, the company has been working hard for the past 20 years to bring many services available. They currently offer services such as: plastic reconstructive microsurgery, hand extremity, lymphatic and orthopedic trauma an head and neck. Their wide range of incredible products is specially designed and created to help improve the patients’ lives. They’re especially proud of some revolutionary products such as: their devices for nerve repair, devices for anastomosis, devices for wound closure and countless surgical instruments.

The company’s main focus has always been to design and create microsurgical devices that are made from top-quality materials and products that will help surgeons from all around the world to save more lives.
One of their most precious product is their neurotube device, made from absorbable woven polyglycolic acid mesh tube, designed for primary and secondary peripheral nerve repair or reconstruction. Their revolutionary mesh tube can replace the classic nerve graft technique for the repair of nerve gaps.

In their wide range of products, there are also devices for performing Anastomosis. They offer microvascular anastomotic coupler, microclip and superfine microclip, flow coupler device and system, high-end microsuture and biover microvascular clamp. All of the devices mentioned, are made from high-quality materials and are designed to help surgeons.

The VIVOSORB polymer film is also one of their greatest designs. The device is made from flexible bioresorbable polymer film, especially designed to separate the opposing tissues through critical healing while minimazing undesired tissue attachments. One of their great inventions that was designed to reduce time to closure with no need to readjust and to re-tighten is their Dermaclosure continuous external tissue expander. Not only that, but the same device has been often used to split thickness skin grafts when there are large skin deficits, such as trauma, fasciotomies and deficits.

Synovis Micro Companies Alliance has worked hard to create surgical instruments made from high-quality materials, that are used to benefit and improve surgeries. They also offer a wide range of products in this category and some of those products include: S&T microsurgical instruments, mercian visibility background materials, microtray organizer, Stile surgical instruments, nonstick bipolar forceps, chrome headlight and bioven titanium instruments. When they created the devices from this line, their intention was to help all surgeons improve their performance in the operating room, while improving the patient’s quality of life and saving lives everyday.
The incredible company is also dedicated to creating great relationships with other associations, in order to create incredible events beneficial to everyone in the business. They have worked with some of the greatest associations such as The World Society of Reconstructive Microsurgery, The a American Association for Hand Surgery, The America Academy of Orthopeadic Surgeons, The Association of periOperative Registered Nurses,  The American Podiatric Medical Association, The American Society for Surgery of the Hand, the European Society of Plastic Surgery, the European Plastic Surgery Research Council and many more, to help bring their products closer to people and surgeons.
If you’re interested in learning more about this revolutionary company and microsurgical devices that are improving people’s lives, open their website and find a sales specialist that will explain every detail. . They’re also always available and can be reached through phone, fax and mail.

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