Practical Gifts for Christmas

Every year Brits spend on average almost £740 more in December, which is 29% more than in a typical month. Much of this amount is spent on Christmas presents for family and friends. 

The usual process involves a person buying something for someone that they don’t want or need, and that person in exchange committing the same act of wastefulness. 

What if instead this year everyone bought a practical Christmas gift – one that can help in some way.

This article will explore some potential Christmas gift ideas and how they could be beneficial to the receiver, or in one case – beneficial to the planet.

Holiday Vouchers

Holiday vouchers may not seem like a practical gift – because frankly a holiday isn’t a necessity. However, a break can support your mental health and provide must-needed rest after high-intensity periods. 

Based on this, a great gift for your family member or friend would be vouchers toward a cosy get-away. Be sure to put in your Christmas card why you’re gifting them this: so they can have some me-time to remove themselves from the stresses of everyday life.


Vaping pens and e-cigarettes are a practical gift for a loved one attempting to give up smoking traditional cigarettes or cigars. 

For those on a budget, different members of the family could chip in for different parts of the vape pen. For example one member could buy a coil while another could buy a vype etank clearomizer

Coffee Machine

If your loved one is a coffee fiend, a machine to produce it is a sure-fire way to their heart this Christmas. 

The practicality of a coffee machine is that it encourages slow living and saves you money. 

Making yourself a coffee in the morning means you take just a few minutes out of your hectic day to make and drink. Encourage your giftee not to scroll their phone or reply to work emails during this time – as this should be time to focus on the coffee and themselves only.

Where a coffee machine can save money is in providing an alternative to buying a coffee every day on the way into work. Bank balance, you’re welcome. Adding an alcoholic liquor to that coffee of an evening will make this one a very Merry Christmas indeed.

Zero Waste Alternatives

With the future of our very planet at stake, there’s never been a better or more important time to give zero waste alternative products to those we love.

Zero waste alternatives are available for every household item, including kitchen roll, sponges, toothbrushes and body soaps. 

Gifting refillable glass jars full of their favourite snack or candy is great too. They’ll be able to enjoy the contents and then use the jar at a local refill shop near them.


In conclusion, it’s time we stopped wasting money on those we love at Christmas and actually buy them something useful. 

Whether providing the gift of addiction help, a liveable planet or relaxation – this Christmas is an opportunity to move on from buying stuff they don’t need to gifting things that they do.

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