10 Great Longevity Secrets by the Famous Japanese Doctor Who Lived 105 Years

We can freely say that doctor Shigeaki Hinohara is responsible for Japanese people’s longevity. Doctor Hinohara died July, 18 2017, when he was 105 years old.

Do you want to live 100 years and be in great shape, both physically and emotionally? It’s possible and Hinohara has proven it.

Here are Hinohara’s 10 best advices that will help you live a long, healthy and quality life:

1. Energy comes from what we feel and not healthy food and good night’s sleep.

“ We all remember, as kids, we played all day long, forgetting to eat and sleep. I believe we can do the same things as adults too.

The best thing is not to tire your body from too many rules, such as lunch and sleep,” explains the Doctor.

2. Prevent obesity

People that live up to be 100 years old, do not have excess weight. It’s important to take care of our body and not to overeat.

Hinohara started his day with a cup of coffee, glass of milk and a glass of orange juice with some olive oil. He believed that olive oil is great for the blood vessels and skin.

He ate milk and a cookie for lunch and often skipped lunch due to lack of time. He ate veggies, fish and rice for dinner and ate beef, twice a week.

3. Plan ahead

Hinohara always had a schedule for the upcoming year and he always made plans for the near future.

He was really looking forward to the Tokyo Olimpic Games in 2020 but unfortunately, he passed away.

4. You don’t have to retire if you don’t want to.

“ After I turned 65, I started volunteering. I taught and visited patients and enjoyed every moment of my work,” explains Hinohara.

If a person wants to work, let him. If he doesn’t, let him retire and enjoy his retirement and the fruits of his work.

5. Share your knowledge and skills with other people.

The doctor held more than 150 lectures a year. He taught everyone-from children to serious businessmen and doctors. He always stood up and his lectures sometimes last more than 90 minutes. He always said that standing up made him stronger.

6. Don’t believe everything the doctor says.

He believed that doctors can’t treat every disease and cure every patient. He believed that animals and music have a huge influence on patients and can help them feel better.

7. Always use the stairs an carry your own luggage.

Forget the elevator if you want to stay healthy and vital. Always use the stairs and carry your luggage in your hands. Using the stairs and walking will keep your heart healthy.

8. Get inspired everyday.

Read and find inspiration in literature and authors. Hinohara’s most inspiring work was the poem “Abt Vogler” by Robert Browning. Listen to good music, look at inspiring works of art, enjoy the wonderful nature…

9. Pain is mysterious.

The most effective way to deal with pain is by having fun. When a child falls, he will cry until he’s distracted by something else.

Adults should do the same. In times of great pain, they should get distracted by having fun.

10. Don’t hold on material things.

“Don’t spend your life hoarding material things. You can’t take them with you when you die,” says Hinohara.

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