How to Make and Send Energy Balls and Distant Healing Energy to Anyone

Even in ancient times, people knew they not only possess the physical body, but also other frequencies too. Ancient humans categorized the bodies in three categories: physical body; energy body and the immortal soul.

We’re going to focus on the Energy body which is also called the Astral body. This body is extremely sensitive to internal and external stimuli. If you find yourself in a room where something bad has happened, your astral body will collect the information and affect your physiology, thus help you understand what had happened in the room. That bad energy will interact with your energy body and cause chills, which we call the 6th sense or the sensitive body.

How to Create Energy Balls

Energy exceeds space and time. When you learn how to send energy balls, you can use them for healing and even changing some future event. This article will help you learn how to send those energy balls and focus them on what you want, for example: money, protection, love, healing etc.

Step 1 – Temple

Find a quiet and sacred place. Remove your jewelry and wear comfortable clothes. This will be your secret place where the magic will occur. You can lay or sit, whatever position you’re comfortable with. Take a few, deep breaths and feel becoming one with the Cosmos. Silence your thoughts and mind, completely relax your body.

Step 2 – Making Energy Balls

Before learning how to send them, you need to first gather the energy and concentrate it. Clap your hands 3 times. Rub them together in circular motions for 3 or 4 times. By rubbing your hands, you’re activating the chakras in your palms. To feel the energy, keep your palms a few inches away. You’ll feel the pulse and all that energy coming and going.

Spice Things Up With Some Magic

Stand still and visualize everything surrounding you in a bright and light color. See below to select the color, it depends on what you want. Inhale the light and fill your body with it. The light will get inside your body, energy channels and will illuminate your soul, aura and body. Feel the bliss of the light and you’ll radiate color. Direct this light between your palms. Inhale and exhale. Repeat until you feel the energy between your palms.

Step 3 – Choose the right color

Choose the color based on what you need.

Red : for sexual energy, protection and passion.

White: for connecting with the divine.

Green: for money, beauty, prosperity and healing.

Silver: for a more feminine touch.

Gold:for a more masculine touch.

Pink: for beauty, love and healing.

Blue: for peace, healing and protection.

Purple: for astral energy, magic and protection.

Yellow: for intellectual purposes, mental clarity and glamour.

Orange: for success and attraction.

Step 4- Sending the energy balls

Once the energy ball is created, clearly decide what you want to do with it and programme it. You can send to to anyone, anywhere, even in the past to cure some bad experience. You can also send the energy ball in the future.

Don’t worry, practice will make everything better.

Step 5 – Recharge Your Energy

Take 2 amethysts to activate your energy centers. Amethyst has healing and magical properties.
Take off your shoes. Grab the amethysts, one in each hand and hold the for a couple of minutes. Inhale the energy from the stones and exhale. Repeat and when you’re done, cleanse your amethysts. Don’t send energy balls when you’re emotionally down and sick.


Source: Magical Recipes Online



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