Strong Women Would Rather Be ALONE Than Waste Time With A**holes

We surely know that is not an easy thing to be a strong woman, or become one, because strongness and “being strong” is something we gain after fighting successful battles throughout our living years. We indeed have everyday potential risks, tricky situations, been tested on, and just having not-so-easy tasks and outwishing them can be a very difficult and challenging thing to do.

Women have also a lot of things to be focused on, and living in a world where in some parts of the world a free women is still degraded and not understood is just as the same as women being totally depend on someone else (not just men) and fearing to become a free individual.  


Strong women, do not fear being alone, they don’t need the feel to constantly date or see someone throughout the week just to be genuinely happy and content. Basically, they don’t give others the key to make her happy, they own it themselves. Realizing that spending time with people you care and are potentional interesting is just as valuable as spending time with yourself and do things that fulffil you.

It’s far easier to want to become a strong women, but becoming one is not easy. Becoming strong is a wish that we don’t know what would bring us upon, in order to be fulfilled. Basically, we wish for something and don’t realize how hard our wishes are, and what exactly do we need to do to make them a reality. Becoming strong means being deceived, being lied and played, fail and succeed at challenges, be wise and be quick about it, it’s like a test that we get and we don’t know anything about it, and through the test we learn the lesion.

A strong woman have been through it all, and in the end she realizes what is valuable and what is not, what is something to cry over and what is something to never whine about. They gain awareness of the people and they recognize situations and how they will end, because they have been through them all. Saying no is also a big part of the process. They are not afraid to say no when they feel like it’s the right answer. But they don’t lose their humbleness, respect, kindness and honesty.

Action speaks louder than words, but action without words are just as meaningless as words without actions. It’s important to remember that you are not here to please everyone’s favores, even not your partners, especially if you feel like they do not fit you. It seems like a tough thing to do, but staying in an unhealthy relationship where you don’t have your voice is far worse. Learn to let go, but before anything, learn to listen to yourself. If you feel like there is still time and love to change things to make a healtier energy to you and your partner/friends/close ones, then do it. If you feel like it’s crushing you, you know the answer.


Budda said “You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection”. So why not try to live these words and don’t wait for any results? Making yourself happy with who you are is a great step to be surrounded with happy people, content people and people who will love you, just as the way you love yourself.

Loving yourself and respecting yourself is a big step into focusing the energy on what’s loving and worth to you, finding a caring partner that loves you and supports you, and being surrounded with friends that are true and share things with you on an energy level. You are unique, and taking care of yourself is the key to love yourself. You reflect yourself, and your reflection is responsible for bringing people and situation like yourself.

Source: YourTango

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