What Does It Mean If You See Spirit Orbs Of Different Colors

You must have noticed colored orbs or misty discolorations on a lot of old photos. If you’ve been dismissing them as glare or lens flare then you might actually be very wrong. Though it is not a big deal catching the sun rays at a bad angle but if you’ve noticed similar looking orbs in quite a few pictures them you need to take notice. They are actually spirits manifesting themselves in the pure form of energy. They could either be of your loved ones who have passed over or guiding spirits who are making their presence known.

Different colored orbs denote different kind of spirits and here they are:

Transparent or Clear

This is the most common occurrence which is seen when it comes to spirit orbs. The only significance of this kind of orb is that there is definitely a spirit present and that it is trying to make its presence known. It is a very overwhelming feeling when you see or experience this kind of light. But there is no reason to be afraid or alarmed.


The color purple holds great significance in the spiritual world. Purple signifies knowledge and information and these purple colored orbs can be said to hold great deal of information within themselves. The most common interpretation of seeing a purple colored orb is that you need to seek knowledge and information, that too within yourself. Seeing a purple colored orb is a call for introspection and reevaluation of the values and knowledge you hold.


The color green within the spiritual world holds the meaning of healing and care. It is also a signifier of love and kindness. As a symbol of selfless care and service, if you see a green colored orb that means the spirit world is trying to tell you that you are doing something right. They are trying to communicate with you that you should continue on this path and that there would be even better things in store for you.


If you see the color yellow then you need to get cautious and take note of your surroundings and most recent dealings. Yellow orbs are used by spirits and angels to warn you of something dangerous to come in the near future.  Don’t get flustered though, they are just trying to warn you because they have your good at heart. The yellow orbs signify the danger that is to come and are not dangerous by themselves.

Silver or White

White or silver orbs present themselves to you when you might be struggling with a lot of negativity in your life. They represent a safe haven from all things that are trying to get to you and are your spirit guide’s method of giving you a respite from all that has been bothering you. If you see this color, thank your spirit guide for making their presence known and for giving you support when you needed it the most.


There can’t be anything good in store if you see the color black. Black denotes danger and if you see that color in photos etc you need to get cautious and try to fend off the danger as best as you can.


Orbs which are orange or red in their appearance denote safety. They mean that whatever danger you were facing is past now and you can relax and take rest. They can be a source of great energy and you can draw strength from them.



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