Science Says These 5 Types Of People Are Most Likely To Betray You

Cheating and betrayal is one of the biggest factors which lead to divorce, separation and break-ups. It doesn’t even have to be physical to hurt; cheating can be done at an emotional level as well. Basically, anything to which one of the partners doesn’t agree to, or thinks is ok – is cheating. Science has picked the 5 kinds of people who are most prone to cheating and betraying their partner. You might want to keep your eyes open to these 5 before you decide to give love another chance:

1. Those who have done it before

Those who have already cheated in the past would most likely do it again. Especially if you are thinking of getting together with someone who is promising you to leave their spouse for you- you must realize how wrong it is. If they can do it to them, they can as well do it to you in the future. However much we like to believe that people are capable of changing and getting better, it is a very rare case that they really do. So if you are thinking of giving someone a second chance make sure you have more solid reasons behind it other than just their word for it.

2. Men with money and women without it

It is a well known fact that men who have a lot of money and power often use it to have extra-marital affairs or to cheat on their partners. Well, the next piece of the jigsaw might come as a slight surprise. According to scientists women who are poor are also more likely to cheat on their partners. This is because they are seeking financial stability and if they think that the new guy can support them better than their partner they would not hesitate on cheating.

3. Narcissists

People who are selfish are the most common ones to cheat on their partners. Narcissists think the world of themselves and do not really care about the feelings of others, even when this person is ready to lay down their life for them. They think they deserve all the love in the world and the utter devotion from just one partner is not enough for them, they want it from everyone. So they are more likely to cheat on their partners if they feel that someone else is showering them with more love and attention than their partner and also because they don’t give a hoot about the feelings of their partner.

4. Men with age ending in 9

At first it might make no sense that men who are aged 29, 39, 49 and so on are more likely to cheat than any other age group. But it has been found true by pooling the data from many dating websites. The possible reason why these men might suddenly feel the need to get more action is that they are all nearing to completing another decade of their life and it can be quite daunting. So they try to stick to youth and agility in these ways.

5. Social media extroverts

Too much activity on social media definitely means danger bells for the relationship. When people spend more time talking to distant friends and even strangers, rather than their own partners in real life, they are devoting less time to their relationship and this might cause a lot of cracks between them. It has been found that extensive time spent online is directly related to a lot of conflicts faced by couples in a relationship.

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