Never Put Up With These 6 Things In a Relationship

Being in a relationship does not mean compromising every little thing for the sake of your relationship. It is not wise to be in an abusive or toxic relationship. Ending up being single is better than losing your self-esteem while being in a relationship. An unhealthy relationship leads to an increased insecurity and lowers your self-esteem. Relationships that make you feel unhappy, or make you question your self-worth, can never be satisfying. There are certain things you should never tolerate in a relationship.

1. An authoritative partner

Partners who are over controlling in a relationship should be avoided. They are insecure at times and try to have a strong hold on their partners. They are always concerned about the other’s plans, whereabouts. They tend to become very suffocating. They try to dominate the other, making it very difficult for the other to stay. There is no personal space in the relationship which makes it even more toxic.

2. Is not loyal

It is better to leave a partner whom you cannot trust than, living with an insecurity of having your trust broken by him/her, forever. Such a relationship, loses its charm and becomes stagnant. The essential aspect that binds a relationship is trust and loyalty.

3. You are not your partner’s babysitter

Relationships are meant to be caring, supportive and affectionate. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to mollycoddle your partner or act as his/her caretaker. If your partner lacks the ability to show that he/she is careful and independent, it is a high time to move on.

4. Negative vibes

People do go through various pitfalls in life, but that does not fill them with negativity. It is necessary to be in a relationship which not only comforts you, but also provides you with the necessary push to get things done in your life. Both the partners, need equal motivation and enthusiasm to move ahead in their lives. A partner who provides you with negative vibes is actually a loner, inside. Such partners, make you depressed and negative.

5. Someone who is unemotional

If you are in a relationship, you are supposed to share your thoughts, desires, secrets, with your partner. Someone who is deaf to all these, is sure to make you feel uncomfortable and unwanted. If you cannot share your feelings with your partner, then there is no point in being that relationship.

6. If your partner is adamant

It is very necessary for people to communicate between each other, if they are committed to each other. Lack of communication, makes the relationship boring and eventually, it fades away. For a relationship to be filled with life, it is necessary for the partners to talk and listen to each other. If your partner is adamant and uninterested in listening to what you have to say, they do not value you. Such people will never be able to become successful life partners. Your position, in his/her life becomes insignificant and disrespectful. So, it is better to leave people who do not understand your worth.

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