Numerology Of House Addresses Gets You The Best Home According To Your Personality

Homes are the places we live for the entirety of our lives. While we attach value to it in terms of shelter and memory, do you know that there’s a metaphysical level to it too? Your house numbers signify a certain level of vibration that could influence the way you live and predict your comfort level and future too. It’s a numerological way that could help you in assessing how you are going to fare in life. So next time you move in to a new place, or live in a house – check out the vibration level of the house. Maybe that is the reason why you feel a certain way.

How to calculate it?

Calculating the vibration level is super easy. Just add up your apartment number and add any double-digit answer until it comes to a single digit and voila – that’s your vibration level. For example:

Apartment 456 – 4+5+6 = 15 = 1+5 = 6 (the Vibration level)

Each vibration level has a special significance. Why don’t we find it out?

The meaning of vibration levels

1. Being Independent

When you are at no.1 with your vibration stats, you can start being independent. This is a house where single and independent people would thrive and bring in their creative worth. A modern flair is the best design here. New beginnings are best to start from here.

2. Balance

With a vibration number 2, harmony comes to you. This is perfect for couples and roommates. Balance is important in relationship and this vibration level brings it. Especially women thrive in this setting. Building bonds and nurturing relationships are top factors that this balance brings. Considerate people can grow in the romantic aura that this residence is infused with.

3. Fun and creative

The artist thrives in houses with vibration number 3. It brings joy into your life and boosts the creative impulse in you. Vibration number 3 has exotic energy – it draws people towards it so expect a sociable life. However, it is filled with vivid imagination and scattered energies that can make you lose track of reality.

4. Security

Houses with vibration no. 4 is for security. It’s for the serious people who love to be practical and play by the rules. Discipline and need for perfection make home improvements in these houses a time-consuming affair and requires a lot of investment. But the atmosphere is stable and the relationships set up with the house and the tenants are long-term and strong.

5. Bringing in the change

Most people find change difficult to accept but when you are in houses with vibration level 5, change will be easier for you. It’s for the progressives who know change in needed and are willing to accept the right change. Curiosity and flexibility are two traits that thrive in this vibration level. The coming and going of tenants is an ongoing affair – indicating change. That’s why rental properties generally have this vibration level.

6. Home

A residence with vibration level 6 can be called ‘Home’. It’s the place where your family is settled, and where responsibility becomes important to hold on to. Caring for the elderly, deepening the bond with your family member and being loyal to family values are some of the traits that will be stronger in this vibration level. Traditional holidays with families turn out to be great too.

7. Solitude

Silence and solitude are important. Residences with vibration level 7 make sure solitude is valued. It will bring you closer to your spiritual side and make you capable of listening to the music of the wind and the rain outside. The cosmos will speak to you freely. The peace is a natural stress buster for individuals and couples. People who work well in solitudes, the healers and writers, can thrive in this environment.

8. Finance

Vibration level 8 brings in a lot of money. It’s a great investment for people who have money or want to fortify it. Decorate the house with art works and collectibles.It carries high-profile energy. It’s the ideal place to hold charity events as it can accumulate enough money for charities. Improvements can be expensive but attractive, though try not to do it too much.

9. Compassion

For all the kind people, the teacher and gurus, this is the vibration level that will help you grow and able to get to your goal. It is this vibration level that aids your compassion, makes you kinder and more capable to do good. You are in need of all the spiritual energy in the world, and this vibration level provides you with that – kindness, compassion and acceptance.

Home is not a concrete piece – it has all kinds of energy pulsing through it. Infuse it within you, match it with your personality. Make sure you choose the proper house for you to nurture your personality and help you thrive. You deserve a fulfilling life and let your house energy enrich it.

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