Observing NECRONOMICON –Is It Truly The Most Dangerous Book?

Necronomicon is considered mainly as very dangerous book according to the masses that have read mostly online about it. The fear of this book that spreads all over the media, is regarding the book as “dangerous, it can lead to suicide, madness or death”. The book contains prophecies and predictions about the world today, it also consists of rituals, spells, incantations and occult philosophy to really think about.

A book can be as dangerous as we decide to take it and understand it upon us, so why don’t we try to observe and decide whether it’s truly dangerous or just media spreading fear so there would be little amount of people with  courage to read such a book?


The author of the book is hidden as much as possible, the only traces as the possible author are connected to a man named Arab Abdul called on Damascus, and many believe that the real author would be Abu Ali Al-Hasan or maybe Alhazen Ben Joseph, most believe it’s Arab Abdul also known as Rhazes. People claim that there are copies of the book that are not as such as the original, and the original writings are kept under lock in extremely private libraries.

Many readers of this occult novel have been fascinated by the story, which connects the supernatural world with the existing world that we live in, the explanation of them, and what the end of this world might be, the end that we have been foretold in all previous official scripts that we have learned and read, and passed onto us (such as the Bible).

There are political and religious organizations behind any trace that may indicate their whereabouts. A sector of these consultants imply that this object is just a narration of the creator’s imagination and never existed before in the real life, which is a statement that tries to hide any data of the reliability of the narrative content.

The scandal began with the American author H.P. Lovecraft, author of several ghost stories and mostly recognized by his stories of Chtulu, but also located by the alleged creation of knowledge about “The Necronomicon”.


According to Lovecraft,  the Necronomicon does not exist on the planet Earth of truth, was invented by him and nothing else. This can also imply that Lovecraft may be hiding a fantastic tool with enough information to reveal the occultism and ritual practices that are also connected to the origins of the humans, such as other studies of the occult. The author claims that both the books and the names used in this novel are fictitious, for he himself created them. A fact that has not convinced researchers of the paranormal because much of what the writer portrays mysteriously, coincides with other facts and assumptions of the occult.

In addition to his biography, Lovecraft has been connected with complex tracing of the diabolical work, and thanks to these notes they  have been able to create a map that addresses the original author of the real Necronomicon not to the novelization of the American; Abdul Al-Hazred, and also other relevant notes have been found to have been created by the astrologer Abu ‘Ali al-Hasan or by the Jewish mystic Alhazen ben Joseph, which is still not cleared up.

Such demonic material remain mystery to this day, how did they originate in the Middle East, passing through the Greek and Latin world for translation, inherited in Modern Europe, and ended up in America unleashing a cult both strange and dangerous.


There are occult devoters and fanatiscs that claim that they’ve found the original book of “The Necronomicon” but most of them are scammers, or even scammed. Those who have truly found it remain silent to the masses for obvious reasons and the information are not being revealed to the public. We do not know if this is some sort of “a cursed book” that shares the  true dark secretive predictions about the end of the world, but we are rest assured that there are energies that we still cannot understand (which most of us call it “the dark powers”) and some of them are guided for destruction.

Source: Infinity explorers

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