Scientific Proof that Your Thoughts Actually Affect the Physical World

There is physical evidence that our thoughts, intentions and emotions affect our bodies. The body can even react violently to depression and stress. But have you ever wondered how our thoughts and feelings affect those around us?

Alternative healer, Masura Emoto, who was also an author and researcher, believed that whatever we hear, feel or say has a certain effect on water. Emoto’s assumption evolved over the years, and his early work explored his belief that water could react to positive thoughts and words.

Our body consists of 60-75% water, so we all have an inborn connection to it. Dr. Emoto made an experiment in order to prove his beliefs. He filled 3 beakers with rice and water. Every day, in a period of 30 days, Masura would say “Thank you” to the first beaker with rice, “You are an idiot” to second one and completely ignored the third one. After a month, the rice that was thanked every day gave a nice smell and fermented well, the criticized one turned black and the third one which was ignored began to rot.

We can say that it’s the same in our daily lives. It’s completely true that positivity has a profound effect on our body and being constantly ignored or criticized has negative effects.

Watch the video below to see the fascinating experiment.

Source: Thirdmonk

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