7 Clear Signs a Narcissist Is Trying To Manipulate You

Speaking about the most toxic people of them all, narcissistic is leading the top row of them all. They are the individuals who care only about themselves and won’t stop at nothing to get what they want. They selfishly place their own needs before everyone else’s, their desires; emotions are before yours and are totally ready to use people to get what they wanted.  They are restless in their quest for personal power and success and their manipulation is coming out naturally from them.

If you are misfortunate enough to have this kind of people in your surroundings, well, here are some 7 signs that will help you guard yourself to not be a tool of a narcissistic.

1. They Play The Victim

Playing mind games is something that these people love, and would absolutely adore to show something that will provoke drama, to gain attention, pity, to make people believe in them, that they’re sick and desperate for help. When you feel sorry for them you’ll naturally try to help them out and that’s exactly what they want. Making people believe in them will actually lead everyone manipulated, so will have you in their web of lies. They also use this tactic to explain the bad behavior if someone notices exactly what they’re doing. Turning your focus away may lead you to be less guarded and more open to their play, so ignore them, do you work and, above all else- cut them when they try to take advantage of you. Thank yourself later.

2. Using Aggression and Intimidation

When people are “not enough” under their control, they will start with the intimidation tactics and use aggression to bend people by their will. Will take control of you by finding out your fears and will use them against you, also will use aggression when fear is not their best option for their motives. That way they set up their dominance and control over everyone and make them feel more powerful with themselves.

3. They Downplay Your Accomplishments

When they meet you first, you’ll most likely think of them as very charming and charismatic people, and they are until they use their true side against you. They compliment and build you up just so they can tear you down later. Their flattering compliments will end, their mask will fall off and will start to downgrade your work and ignore and devalue your accomplishments. They do this so you get to work extra hard for them, so you can try to please them again. If you do this, you are manipulated.

4. They Will Play The Guilt Part On You

Narcissistic will blame you for everything and try to make you think that everything’s your fault and will bring you trouble, bad name on yourself and all the repercussions that go along with it. They wash themselves off of you, so again, don’t fear to step up and say it out loud. They’ll see that you’ve caught their little game play and will eventually shrink before you.

5. They Only Talk About Themselves

It’s a dead giveaway when a person starts to talk about themselves, everything related to them, their accomplishments, good deeds (if any) that they’ve done, how unique and special they are, how much loved they are and how much they have etc. Their focus in life is only their own selves and literally lose themselves in endless self-praising conversations. If you try to turn the conversation subject away from them, they’ll act as if they didn’t hear you and will continue to talk their own talk.

6.They Use Triangulation.

It’s easier for them to put a third person in their game, so will eventually pass the blames from one to another, and will both lead you to believe that the other one is the problem, and you’ll both eventually be in a situation when you don’t want to be in the first place. Their game plays are changing to a sadistic line, they might blame you and tear you down for everything they could think of and praise the other person, and will eventually do it the same for the praised person, so you both get played and he’s having a full control over you.

7. They Never Change

This is something that we all must pay attention to, as much as possible. We as human beings will naturally try to help others into making people change, upgrade, grow into a better person but these people never, absolutely never change. They will continue to act and be shallow, manipulative and deceitful until they die, because that’s the best thing they can do.  Their issues are rooted deep in their minds and ingrained in their personalities. Even if you remove them from your life, they will find another one and will ruin their lives.

Source: Sun Gazing

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