If a Woman is Self-Confident She Won’t Tolerate These 5 Things

Women who are assertive and have full confidence in themselves don’t stand for the things that they don’t approve of. It is usually assumed that women who are high class are not usually very vocal in showing their disapproval, but nothing could be farther from the truth. In fact, they are the first ones to call someone out on bad behavior or the likewise. And because they are more refined and elegant than most, some of the things that might earn their disapproval might surprise you a bit.

So here are the 5 things which they will absolutely not tolerate, and you better steer clear of them, while in their presence:

1. Unnecessary drama

She does not have any patience for any negative gossips or emotional outbreaks. The latter doesn’t mean that she’s a heartless person who wouldn’t sympathize with someone in need. Rather this is for the cases when people take others as their emotional dump truck and unload even the most useless misery onto them. They won’t allow it ever. They are not interested in what is going on in the lives of others and if you try to interest them in a ‘who did what’ conversation then it might be the last one you have with them.

2. Hidden intentions

Don’t think for a second that she can’t see through the facade that you are putting up. She is classy that means that she has seen and knows enough of the world to not get fooled by sweet talks and hidden agendas. She can detect when a person is not genuine and when she does; she will not want to have to do anything with a deceitful person. You might have the best poker face in the game and yet it will never be easy to fool her.

3. Compromising on the things that she believes in

All of us have certain values that we consider sacred. And yet there are people who have no qualms about throwing everything that they believe in under the bus, for some material gain or the likes. Not the classy woman though. She would rather fight a difficult battle every day than give in to people or demands which would make her compromise on her values. She is not scared to take on the world alone. She will never pick the easier way if it means that she will be being untrue to her scared truths, the values she believes in.

4. Disrespecting others

If she is classy she won’t stand people being condescending, towards other people or herself. She believes that everyone is equal and doesn’t let anyone speak otherwise to her. If she sees that someone is a bigot or is disrespectful towards someone else, she will not only them a piece of her mind, but will also make sure that such a person is no longer in her life. She knows that what people think of others, says more about themselves than the person concerned. So she doesn’t let condescending people bring her down, and rather tell them what she thinks of them.

5. Not being given her due

 She won’t stand around if someone disrespects her work or doesn’t think she’s worthy of the position she has. She has full confidence in her own abilities and would make sure that the other person knows it too. But once she is done, she will move on. She doesn’t feel the need to justify herself to others, she’d much rather invest that time in being with people who genuinely know her importance. She will never stand for her worth and her hard work being disrespected.


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