Therapists Explain What Children Worry About According to Their Age

Complexities in thoughts are not limited to any particular age. Like grown-ups, children have their own way of complex thinking with matters concerning their age.


We all want to go back to the time when we were kids as we think life was more sorted right? That is not the case. The matters we think today as simple ones may not be simple for a kid. That is when their behavior changes, results of brain reacting to the tension. The most important reason behind their stress is the changes taking place in the brain, facing new things and trying to keep them in mind. They lack the capability to sort things out on their own. They fail to explain how they really feel which increases the complexities. Brain Part named Amygdala stores all these emotions. Keeping a close eye often helps to detect changes and do seek the help of therapist.


0-6 is the time when the fastest growth of brain takes place, but the child can hardly convey what is going on in his or her mind. Parents need to keep a check on the growth of their other activities.

Fear of Infants (0-2 Years)

First, they only know their parents take care of them and their brain thinks something which goes away never comes back. So if they see their parents leaving them it is the biggest fear, a reaction of their love.

Second, any sound which is a bit higher in pitch is an alert of danger for their brain.

Third, at the very beginning of their walking process the sense freedom and they want a support which can take care of the things they cannot like noise, or any natural phenomena.

Fear of kids during Kindergarten (3-5 Years)

First, Cartoons which occupies their minds are often equated by them with things around. If their cartoon world or the imaginary world suggests absence of light as the presence of something frightening, they believe that to be real.

Second, though they watch cartoon, people wearing colorful costumes makes them uncomfortable because that is not how usually people around them dress. An example is Santa.

Growing up a little (6-11 Years)

First, absence of light may not matter anymore but the fantasy world is still in their mind. They have not reached that level of confidence where they can deal with everything without parents. So if they are left alone somewhere or in home it frightens them.

Second, it is the time when they are aware of the facts around for example- there are people other than parents on earth and they become a part of their life. They have the sense within them that they need other people too and if kids are not accepted by the other people, it leaves them worried.

Third, just as other knowledge they learn the fact of death. With the fantasy world in mind they constantly create fear of someone who is very important for them dying.

Before Being Adults (12 years and above)

First, The concept of ‘self’ starts growing and they realize how it is crucial to be a part of the society. So their concern about the attitude of people towards them is born.

Second, Results about anything bothers them a lot. If that turns negative, they worry a lot as they think step by step towards the answer of any equation.

Third, As Hormones start working in their own way, adolescents feel a great sense of freedom which makes them think they do not need to share every detail of their life with their parents.

Throughout all of these Parents need to guide and make the kids feel secured,

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