Sometimes, It’s Important To Break The Rules In a Relationship. Here’s Why

Valentine’s week is next. So, what have you planned? A nice, romantic dinner, along with some really expensive wine and some love-making later? Well, will that really satisfy you? Do you really believe that dinner and sexual intimacy are the only things that can complete a relationship? Well my friend, before we get into that, you need to understand something. Life turns monotonous very fast and things we were once excited to do, bore us now. Don’t put yourself in a routine from where you would continuously run down the old treadmill, chasing an illusion of happiness.

Try spicing it up. Relationships are all about stability, right. But sometimes, you have to rock the boat. Break some rules! Don’t go full out and commit larceny, but try to break the monotony in your relationship. Or else, your relationship will kill you with boredom. All it would lead to is breakups, heartaches, and the likes.

So, this Valentine’s week, do everything you ever wanted to do in a relationship. You know why? Because rule breaking would set you free. You and your partner should be able to do anything without the restraints that society places on you, for at least one day. If you want your relationship to not grow old and wither away, you need to do things that would set you apart.

The trick is to break the monotony and place the bar high. The relationship has to blossom freely and that can only be possible if you are willing to break some rules in your relationship.

Well, what are those rules? Let’s see some of them.

1. If you are out at a party, try not informing others about your presence for long intervals, and if possible, try to leave early. And while you are on your way back, having a laugh about it, get yourself a drink.

2. When you are heading out to a party, make sure that you leave as soon as the babysitter arrives. This way, you can have some time just for yourself and your partner before the party begins.

3. Work may be important at all times, but it is also important to take care of your partner. Don’t go for a day. Call in sick. Tell them that your car broke down. Go the extra distance and snuggle with your partner the entire day. Make pancakes for them and just make them feel special.

4. Send a sexy snap or text to them while they are working. Yes, it is completely unprofessional at the workplace, but wouldn’t it be fun to do it once in a while? You don’t have to care about the rules. Just do it and tease them. Hint at something more in the near future.

5. This might be weird, but why don’t you kiss her in the middle of the town square with everyone watching? Yes, it will make others uncomfortable, but you would be able to show your freedom and no-care-attitude, right?

All you have to do is take care that this week doesn’t remain the same as usual.

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