Stay Single Until You Meet A Guy With These 13 Qualities

Relationships are heavenly and everyone wants a partner to spend their entire lives with. We all deserve good human beings to fall in love with, share the best moments with. It is said that everyone has one suitable boy fixed for him/her by destiny. We just have to wait for the correct moment.

Falling in love is a daunting task. It involves lot of hard work, commitment and sacrifices. A relationship is based on trust and understanding. However sometimes they turn out to be the exact opposite. Some relationships turn sour and they aren’t meant to be. So, before you fall in love with anyone you come across or maybe have a little crush on, think twice. You deserve better girl. Here are 13 signs that you can observe in boys to understand if he is perfect for you or not.

1. You should stay single until the boy you begin to fall for adores you in his arms, holds you close and kisses you like a dream come true. These small gestures ensure that the boy has a romantic persona.

2. If the boy expresses his desire to take you to his parents, know that he maybe perfect one for you. This indicates that he is thinking about a possibly beautiful future of you both together.

3. If the boy is passionate and full of admiration for you, know that he is perfect. Someone who loves you for you are is deeply affectionate and surprises you all the time is the best partner for you.

4. Be single until the guy you like doesn’t shy away from showing you to the world. He may grab your ass in public, gives you a kiss anywhere so that others can probably get jealous while seeing you as the perfect couple. He isn’t a show-off but it is just love.

5. The guy who is possessive about you, cares for you highly is the ultimate boy for you. He cannot dare to lose you anytime. He is extremely protective of you but never overdoes it. He also gives you your own space.

6. Stay single until the big you meet becomes your most powerful pillar of support. He is there whenever you need him, is always concerned about the problems you face and helps you in any possible circumstance.

7. A boy who thanks you for coming into his life and praises you with words on how you have changed his entire universe is the ultimate guy for you. He makes you realise you are his world, his darling. You have completed him and made him a better person. You have come to his life for something great.

8. Any boy who firmly believes that honesty is the best policy should be your perfectly correct life partner. He doesn’t leave scope for lies and misunderstanding. He trusts you entirely

9. Stay single until you come across a guy who wants to spend all his time with you. He never makes excuses or demand private and away from you. He loves giving you all the attention and coming home to you straight after work. He also plans special dinner with you.

10. A boy who attempts to make everything special for you should be the love of your life. He takes all effort to make your days off from work special. He plans secret trips and night-outs. He enjoys sharing a lovely sexual relation with you.

11. If the boy is sure that you are his ultimate life partner, don’t hesitate to go ahead in your relation. He doesn’t consider this as a time passing fling. He is seriously committed to you and promises a lifetime of happiness and oneness.

12. Be single until you meet the boy who loves you for who you are. He doesn’t want to change you in any way. He doesn’t compare you to anyone or forces you to be like the others. He isn’t manipulative.

13. When you know that he can’t think of a life without you, this is when you are sure that he is perfect. He wants you in any way; he is madly in love with you. You comprise his entire universe.

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  1. Darlene says:

    I love this

  2. Mumsy says:

    Thank you for sharing this. <3

  3. Sally says:

    My husband of 39 yrs is this way.

  4. Tia says:

    It is practical

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