Stay Single Until You Meet Someone Like This, Based On Your Zodiac Sign


You shouldn’t rush into a relationship till you have found someone who craves adventure as badly as you do. Someone who’d be happy to explore the world and everything it has to offer, with you by their side; someone who is as eager as you to learn new things and do stuff that others shy away from.


You need someone who loves you and makes sure you know that. They will feel like home and you will crave their warmth when you are not with them. They will never make you second guess or doubt yourself. And they will always treat you the way you deserve.


 Wait until you find the person in front of whom you can drop down all your masks. Someone who makes you feel at ease. You don’t have to act brave in front of them; it will be perfectly okay to break down and cry because you know they’ll understand you and make you feel better.


 You need someone who will make you feel safe and secure in the relationship. Someone who has the perfect antidote when you worry too much or get anxious. Someone who values you and the warmth and love you bring into the relationship.


 Being the leader, you need someone who can keep up with you. Someone who will support you and yet have dreams and ambitions of their own. Someone with whom you can conquer the world and have a deep and insightful bond at the same time.


 You have your apprehensions about love. So you need someone who makes you believe in it even when your caution tells you to stay away. Someone who is willing to show you their vulnerable side so that you will feel comfortable in doing so as well.


 You will thrive when you are with someone who is absolutely proud of you and doesn’t feel insecure about your achievements. They will always support you and never question you like the way an insecure partner would. And they will also have the guts to tell call you out when you are wrong.


 Wait for the person who will not let you settle into a rut. Someone who recognizes and believes in your true potential and will encourage you till you achieve all that you deserve. Someone who will always be by your side through thick and thin.


 Find someone who has the same wonder and excitement about life as you do. Someone who still gets amazed by the little things in life. Someone who will only add to your zeal of living a full life and with whom you know you will always live life to the fullest.


 We know you are someone who is ambitious and driven. You need someone who will remind you to stop and smell the roses. Someone who supports your dreams but at the same time makes you have a little fun so you don’t burn yourself out.


 You need someone who will make you feel like you belong together and yet without ever compromising your own identity. Someone who will love and support you and also provide you a retreat when you need one. A teammate who strengthens your identity by being there for you.


Find someone who treats you like you are their world; who never stops putting an effort for you and your relationship. Someone who makes you feel loved and understood. Someone with whom you will feel a sense of belonging and oneness.

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