Synovis MCA: Revolutionizing The Science of Nerve Repair and Regeneration

With more than 20 years of experience in the field, Synovis is a company that’s been revolutionizing the science of nerve repair and regeneration. The company stands out from the crowd because Synovis serves many markets, including orthopedic, trauma, lymphatic, hand extremity, head and neck, plastic reconstructive, and microsurgery. Their main goal is to help surgeons worldwide save and improve their patient’s quality of life.

Using the best technology in the world, Sunovis managed to create various products that can aid surgeons with their work. For performing anastomosis, they offer excellent instruments such as flow coupler device and system, microvascular anastomotic coupler, micro clip, superfine microchip, GEM biover microvascular clamp, and micro suture. Although all the microdevices we mentioned are top production, the micro suture has revolutionized the medical field because it’s ideal for a wide range of approximation and ligation uses. It’s perfectly produced for cardiovascular, microsurgical, ophthalmic, and neurological procedures.

When we say that the company revolutionized nerve repair, that’s because it’s completely true. They have used high technology to create the ultimate microdevices that take everything to the next level. Some of their most popular devices for nerve repair include the Neurotube nerve conduct, the Vivo Sorp polymer film, and the Nervbridge nerve conduit. The Neurotube was specially designed for peripheral nerve repair and reconstruction. The tube is so detailed and created to replace the classic nerve graft technique for the repair of nerve gaps. Another device that really helps patients is the Vivo Sorb polymer film that’s used to separate opposing tissues through the critical healing process while minimizing tissue attachment. For repairing peripheral nerve injuries, the Nervebridge nerve regeneration comes in handy as being the most non-constricting and flexible way to aid patients in need.

Another important aspect of helping patients worldwide is ensuring that their post-operation wounds close as perfectly as possible. Synovis also took this into consideration and created the Dermaclose device. This product is unique because it reduces time to closure with no need to re-tighten or readjust. The product provides delayed primary closure of full-thickness wounds. It can be used as an alternative to split-thickness skin grafts when there are large skin deficits, like tumor excisions, trauma, and fasciotomies.

Even if you pick the best surgeon in the world, they got to have the best tools to give their best performance. This is where Synovis comes to help all the surgeons to make their surgical performance the best possible. Synovis have designed a line of surgical instruments to raise the microsurgery to a different level. Designed to help all the patients, and constructed from the best materials, the surgical instruments are top-notch. The company offers Stille surgical instruments, S&T microsurgical instruments, micro tray organizer, Mercian visibility background material, Biover Titanium instruments, nonstick bipolar forceps, chrome headlight, and a light jacket.

Synovis are not only revolutionizing microsurgery, but they also cooperate with many organizations and attend many events. Synovis has worked hand in hand with organizations such as the American Association for Hand Surgery, the World Society for Reconstructive Microsurgery, the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeon’s annual meeting, the Association of periOperative Registered Nurses, the American Poditric Medical Association, the American Society for Surgery of the Hand, Breast Cancer Coordinated Care Conference, the London Breast Cancer Meeting, the Europen Society of Plastic Surgery, the International Course of Perforator Flaps and the European Plastic Surgery Research Council.

Being more than 20 years on the market and working using the latest technology has made Synovis one of the best companies in the field. They have revolutionized microsurgery, the science of never repair and regeneration, and they have also made it their mission to help surgeons around the globe make their patients’ lives easier.

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