Tamarind Fluoride Detox – Clear The Mind And Pineal Gland

One study has revealed promising results that if you consume tamarind, it can serve as a natural fluoride detox. It is very important to have access to a natural fluoride detox because many studies have indicated excessive fluoride consumption can really harm the brain. Almost every toothpaste contains fluoride and fluoride are added to the U.S. public water too which means that the chances of overexposure are enormous. Fluoride is overwhelmed in our bodies and it has a huge negative effect on the brain.


Fluoride Is Harmful To The Brain

The fluoride accumulates in our body and drinking glasses of water in isolation doesn’t pose a threat individually, but the accumulation of fluoride does. Fact is that neurological damage can be caused by high levels of fluoride consumption. Harvard researchers had questioned whether fluoride in the drinking water was toxic to the developing human brain or not, and normally they started a study to answer their question.

The study showed that children in low-fluoride areas had significantly better IQ scores than those who lived in high-fluoride areas, which supports the negative effect of high fluoride exposure on children’s neurodevelopment.

Tamarind Protects Against Fluoride Poisoning

The issue with fluoride can be solved with a tamarind, and the study has shown that tamarind can be a promising natural fluoride detox. The study revealed that the consumption of tamarind leaves resulted in the reversal of the fluoride-induced symptoms: significant improvements in carbohydrate and lipid profiles occurred as evidenced by decreased plasma glucose and lipid levels, increased hepatic glycogen content, lipid peroxidation, hexokinase activity, and cholesterol excretion, with simultaneous improvement in antioxidant profiles of both renal and hepatic tissues.

Also, the study “Effect of Tamarind Ingestion on Fluoride Excretion in Humans” showed that the consumption of tamarind can really increase the excretion of fluoride in urine.


Fluoride And The Pineal Gland

It is of special concern for pineal gland health when the body has high concentrations of fluoride. The highest level of fluoride accumulation is in the pineal gland. The pineal gland is located between the right and left hemispheres of the brain, and fluoride causes its calcification.

The pineal gland is responsible for maintaining the body’s sleep-wake cycle, the production of melatonin, helps control the release of female reproductive hormones and is an antioxidant that is a body protection from aging.

National Research Council has stated that fluoride causes decreased melatonin production and have other effects on normal pineal gland function, which contributes to many effects in humans.

You can receive tamarind’s protection against fluoride poisoning by making a tamarind fluoride detox tea and by eating its pulp or leaves, and.

Tamarind Fluoride Tea Detox Recipe



-2 tamarind pods

-4 cups water


Rinse pods

1. Add tamarind pods and water in a small covered pot and bring to a boil. Then reduce heat to low and simmer until the water is brown and the pod shell is soft. 15-20 minutes

2.Carefully remove the pods from the hot water and remove the shells from the tamarind

3.Put the tamarind without the shells back into the water and let the tamarind steep for another 10-15-minutes.

4.Remove the tamarind from the water, and remove the pulp from the seeds

5.Strain the pulp and tamarind water

6.Serve as a drink at room temperature or hot as a tea


Source: Natural Life Energy

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