Choose the Scariest Entrance And Find Out More About Your Personality AND Fortune

Joseph Campbell is an American writer, lecturer, and mythologist, once said: “The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.” He was been known for creating the philosophy “find your bliss.” Campbell was really curious about everything about human existence. His philosophy is that many people are afraid to follow their passions because they need to take a serious risk or they’re not quite sure what it is.

So take our quiz and face your fear in order to find your bliss. It’s very simple, just choose the entrance that frightens you the most in order to discover what your soul truly yearns for…

Entrance Number One

It mat you are looking for emotional warmth if you fear to enter the ice cave. You are most likely terrified of feelings of frustration, loneliness, or unhappiness. Actually, this fear is a positive thing. Probably you are in a great place in your life because you know and accept exactly who you are. You don’t feel “wrong” about you.

The treasure you seek if you enter this cave is love. If you are single, you probably feel happy and you don’t need a relationship, but you would like one to make you happier. If you are already in a relationship, you probably seek love from a friend or family member, maybe, it’s time for you to find yourself a new furry friend in the local shelter.

Entrance Number Two

If this creepy tunnel scares you, it’s because that you need to go on an emotional journey. Muddy water isn’t a good symbol, easily symbolizes that you have very cloudly thoughts and need some cleaning. You really need to remove all the heaviness in your head in order to see clearly.

If you decide to enter here, the treasure you seek is self-confidence that will help you to express your true feelings. You have to express yourself verbally for resolving your problems. Unfortunately, this can be a very hard thing to do, depending on how difficult the situation is. It will be worth going through this process but keep in mind that there is always a light at the end of a tunnel.

Entrance Number Three

Probably you’re a very intelligent, analytical and strong person if you are frightened to enter this eerie abandoned building. You live by a high set of values, expecting the same from others around you and see life for what it is. Bricks, like these on the picture, are a symbol for putting up walls spiritually and emotionally. You definitely have high standards that make others feel like they can’t open up to you and be vulnerable. Also, you take long to break down these barriers and open yourself up.

The treasure you seek is spiritual or emotional fulfillment. You like to connect with people that are special to you on a level so deep that it can’t be intellectually articulated. And, you will finally feel whole if you reach for a higher level of spiritual or emotional understanding.

Entrance Number Four

This picture is literally your worst nightmare. You have a lot of love to give and for you, home is where the heart is. You are bold, devoted and very generous. You are very protective of your loved ones and you always give them everything they need.

What you looking for is wealth. If you want to obtain wealth, you really need to work hard for it, save your pennies, invest, and you need definitely to start doing that now. You want to give the people around you everything that you have materially, but back off a bit and give them all you have emotionally. It will save your money and, they’ll be very thankful, for sure.

Entrance Number Five

It’s terrifying because it’s hard to tell what’s down there, what you will do or, how you will get out. It’s a terribly scary and boring situation to be stuck in a well and waiting around until you hear someone to call for help. Many people like to be in this situation, but you are not them and you know yourself. You’re very confident and you enjoy being gregarious.

Be aware that the treasure you seek is an adventure. You want to explore the world, definitely be out, and enjoy your life. If you ever find yourself in a stifling situation, in which you feel like you can’t breath get out and travel. The sooner you allow your true nature to break free, the happier you’ll be. You will have millions of amazing stories to tell to the people around you.

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