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Fifteen something years ago, whenever we had to visit a doctor, a new spell of tests, checkups and appointments followed. We had this massive, chunky file that was full of sheets of paper and it was stored in one single room. Thankfully, technological innovation blessed the industry, and it made the lives of doctors, nurses, and patients a whole lot easier.

This was welcomed with bells and frills as it meant no more stuffed files, no more lost reports and a single database that keeps it all in check. The EHRs or Electronic Health Records as we call them have revolutionized the way information is stored. As of now, all it takes is a single computer, known as an EHR workstation to store all of the patients’ records in a shared database.

Mixed Bag of Reviews

Keeping in mind all of the positive reviews when it comes to EHR Workstations and their utility, doctors, and nurses have given any legitimate reason to justify why the EHRs are time-consuming and inefficient. One significant thing that is often overlooked and only found if read in between the lines is that nurses and doctors don’t have a problem with the “concept” of EHRs. It is just that they don’t have the right workstation in their arsenal.

What be done can?

Keeping this very problem in mind, top medical experts at Enovate Medical workstation on wheels concluded that an electronic health record database management machine should be easy to use and simple enough so that anyone could handle it. This problem of the disorganized database is omnipresent, and EHRs are a very excellent solution. Due to this very reason, Workstation manufacturers are working hammer and tongs to craft something handy and straightforward.

Come to think of it, and there are some bullet points that doctors, surgeons, and hospitals look for when it comes to picking an EHR Workstation for their clinics. Not only should it be easy to handle, but the EHR Workstation should be crafted in such a manner that it reduces nurse fatigue while being moved around from one place to another.

Enovate to the Rescue!

Keeping all these problems in mind along with the essential utility of managing Electronic Health Records on a cart, Enovate Medical manufactures best in class Workstations on wheels. Sporting a vast range of multiple models, this range has something for everything—be it a busy hospital or a small clinic. After all, we can’t ignore this beautiful piece of technology if it’s being served to us on a plate.


Revolutionizing the workflow inside the clinic by improving it with cutthroat technology, the Envoy is one to look up to. Don’t worry about where your EHR workstation is and spend too much time on it. Focus on your dear patients instead of as the Envoy has a versatile build and all-pervasive features that make it a clear winner in terms of the best choice for busiest of hospitals. Crafted keeping in mind the problem of fatigue and to increase flexibility, the Envoy is worth the hassle.

With features like touch display, flexible monitor arm and mobility, Envoy by Enovate is best EHR Workstation in the current biz and has been of great help to surgeons and nurses.


Aluminum is one of the lightest metals that are used to build the most permanent basis. The Encore by Enovate Medical has a lightweight aluminum base that’s very handy. Not only is it easy to move around from one room to another, but the patient can also be documented right on the bedside. A light build and sturdy exterior are complementary to its mobile design. No need to drag that heavy cart around as Encore is as light as it gets.


Even the most compact of clinics need to maintain Electronic Health Records, and most of them don’t have enough space to move a big cart around. This has been especially kept in mind while crafting the Slimline which covers just a 20”x20” base. The clinic staff’s task of mobile documentation as simple as it can get. Slimline is a physician’s favorite.


Not only is Enovate Medical the master of EHR Workstation carts, but there is also a whole plethora of clinics that don’t have enough space to fit a cart inside. For this very reason, Enovate introduced the WallArm– a convenient alternative to other cart-based EHR Workstations that have to be dragged. Clinicians with small offices can save space thanks to an articulating arm. Its flexibility acumen is so neat that the patient’s view is never blocked.

Pick the Right EHR Workstation—Pick Enovate!

Choosing the right EHR Workstation is extremely important. That is why it’s crucial to estimate what’s best for your clinic and then go shopping. You can find your true calling at Enovate!

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