The Juggle of Every Mother: To Be or Not To Be at Work

No one runs a more hardened ship than a mother.  They face criticism all the time. If you choose to be a stay-at-home mom, then you are lazy, not contributing your part in society. If one wants her career, then she is work-o-holic, not giving enough attention to the family. No matter what path women choose, roasting is always on the way.

But what everyone needs to realize is that Motherhood is a choice that every woman make every day, to put someone else’ happiness and well-being ahead of our own. She is someone who can take the places of all the other, but whose place no one else can take.

When I became pregnant with our first child, there was one thing I know for sure.  I might have to say goodbye to my job for at least a reasonable amount of time. You company doesn’t allow paid maternal leaves, and with FMLA I could get sheets for at least 12 weeks. But not everything that you plan to go by the rules.  I suffered from toxemia, a high blood pressure condition.

Because of toxemia and some other complication in my third trimester, I had to deliver my baby (Ayla) in my 31st week. While I underwent postpartum care, my daughter went preterm care.  This leads to quitting my work. I didn’t do it for the greater good or to get appreciated. I did it for me as well as for my child how every mother would do.

Before being a mother, she is a woman, who is not bound to chains. If she wants to work, let her work if she wants to stay at home. So let it be. There is this one incident in my life that made me believe in myself. That I can work while taking care of the family.

After the delivery, it took almost six months to get back in the track. I was getting used to being a new mother, but every day was challenging. Truth be told it was a struggle. Forget nap time, having an excellent straight sleep was a challenge itself. Feeding, bathing, doing laundry, changing the diaper, I was doing the sets of all these chores daily at least three times a day.

My sister came to visit me, at that same time. It was a blissful moment. My sister took care of the house while my nephew kept Ayla engaged. But you can’t expect to have a quiet house when you have a 6-month-old baby and a four years old toddler. My nephew smashed his face to the front door (and chipped his front teeth) while I was enjoying chit-chat with my sister.

We rushed him to the nearby clinic, and lucky I knew where to go. The Craig H. ETTS, DDS is a dental clinic famous for its friendly and supportive staff and doctor. Luckily it was Tuesday, so the clinic was opened till late.

ETTS DDS is a dental clinic, helping people in maintaining their dental care. I had once gone for a dental bridge procedure and knew the staff very well. The doctors took quite good care of him, and we were out of the clinic real quick. The clinic also specializes in other dentistry processes, and the number one reason I went is that this is the only clinic in my parameter which allows dental insurance.

Of course, my nephew didn’t have one. But it is constructive for people with bad teeth in the long run. One can also fill their form online which can save tons of time, in our case we were traveling while I had to complete the form in car. I saved a lot of time from formalities.

The incident made me realize one thing, had I not be a working woman. I would have never come across this dental clinic as my colleague told me about the place. Being outside home working is not just about money. Surely taking care of the financial burden together with your husband can take a whole lot of stress out of the house. But having a job makes you more active and confident. You meet new people, get acquired with knowledge which evolves you as a person.

I am not against the concept of stay at home mom.  It is a hell lot of struggle to be one. I know because I had been one. What matters is how you want your life to be rather than living your life according to the norms of society.

When it comes down to it, only you should be able to decide what is best for your family.  You should cherish every moment of motherhood: the good, the bad, and the ugly.  Whatever you decide remember one thing. You are superhuman. You are a superwoman!

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