The Mystery of Aromatic Incense Therapy – Decoding the codes of Scent!

Aromatic Incense Therapy has been around for more than 5000 years. From Southeast Asia, middle east, Europe…. With the world of different languages and cultures, all shared the same belief of connecting ourselves, the earth and heaven! An unspoken language of devotion and trust of the nature. An undaunting spirit of heightening our inner consciousness. Manifestation of our dreams! The media that all ancient cultures that seems “coincidentally” used the same media to connect oneself to the nature, which is “Aromatic Incense”

The ancient wisdom of our ancestors, masters, saints had discovered the magic or wonders of aromatic incense. They discovered that aromatic incense not only stop at the level of mere fragrance but has a deeper meaning and effect of it. The effect of helping us in cleansing, attracting, subliminating of negative energy and bring a calmness and peace to our heart, soul and our mind.

This valuable treasure or wisdom has dwindled over the years. Due to the modern develop of technology and the materialistic society. All has forgotten this great wisdom and treasure handled down from our ancestors or masters.

The Wonders of Aromatic Incense!

Aromatic Incense has been a magical and scared therapy ever existed in the world. It is made up of 100 percent natural ingredients. From the barks of the tree, to the fruits, the roots, the leaves, the stem, the flowers. All these natural ingredients are bestowed by our great mother earth for us.

When we come to think of it, what in the world that is exposed 24/ 7 to the energy of the earth and the shining vibrations of the sun, moon and the stars and get nourished from the rain and the morning dew. The answer is “plants”

“Plants” are the only nature beings that get the best out from the soil and the sky. The energy from the earth and the sky are capsulated in the plant and transform into elixir. What is this elixir? It is the elixir of scents, the oil of the plants!

This great elixir, the greatest present that heaven and earth bestow to us as one of the greatest assets. This elixir enables us to get the best out from the nature. The scents from this elixir is able to cleanse our aura and our space. To live up our spirit and get us out from feeling depressed. Enable to promote better sleep. To energize our body. To calm us down. To brighten our aura and our space. These are just a few examples. This scented elixir can do much much more!

One must use it ,in order to experience it!

Our gifted ability!

The day when we are born, we use our nose to breath. This is the starting of knowing the scent of the world and the breadth of life!

As a baby, our vision of the world is blurred. Its strange that with a blur vision, the baby still knows that the mother is carrying him/her. When a stranger carries the baby, the baby will cry. Why is this so? This is so as the baby recognize the scent of the mother! One of the greatest gifts inherited is the gift of smell!

Everything around us have scent, weather is bad odor or pleasant aroma. With our nose, we are confronted with scent unconsciously around us. Every scent has a story or meaning to tell!

Story of Scent!

Every Scent has a story to tell! As an aromatic incense practitioner, we must identify the story from the scent. For example, when we smell something pleasant, we will feel happy! When we smell something awful, we will feel disgusted! This is the nature response from the scent we breath.

As an aromatic incense practitioner, scent is not just pleasant or awful. The scent will give us a hint, a story of the characteristic of the person or object or the space around us! Decoding the code of scent.

For example: the scent of a rose, the sweet smelling rose bring us a smile on our face and this is a scent that depicts love and joy!

When we contacted the bad odor of a rubbish heap. This bad odor tells us that it is contaminated or dirty!

Ask a question, why we are attracted to someone more than anyone else?

Yes, besides our sight of liking the person, at the same time unknowingly we smell the scent of the person. If we like the scent of the person, we will like to get close or be with them and vice versa.

Master Fon Lim not only is an aromatic incense master, he is also a well trained in geomancy. He also emphasized that although the placement, position of the furniture is important, another factor that always been neglected is the scent of the space. The scent of the space tells a story of the house or office! This is a long-kept secret begin handled down from ancestral masters!

Untold Wisdom from the past!

Everything on earth has an energy sphere or aura! There are positive aura and negative aura in general. Aura will determine our destiny!

A person with a positive aura will go far in life and get things manifested with his mind and heart. A negative aura will bring sadness, frustration and depression to one’s life.

What determines our aura? The scent of our body will affect our aura, and in turn lead to our destiny or fate!

Let me quote an example:

An example of a rubbish heap. What do you think of the odor of the rubbish heap? Nice or smelly? Its smelly to most of us. The smelly odor will produce an aura that is unclean and full of bacteria. This aura will then affect the rubbish heap destiny. That is the destiny of attracting rats, cockroaches, and flies.

Example of a flower! The great smelling scent from the flowers producing a positive aura, leads to its destiny of attracting bees and butterflies.

If one’s body having an odor as if of rubbish heap, one will have an unclean, negative aura that leads to attracting unpleasant events, people in life!

If one’s body have a pleasant-smelling scent, will produce a positive aura which attracts great people, careers and events in one’s life!

In knowing this wisdom! In order to change one’s destiny, one of the areas that we could change is change the aroma of our body!

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