The Role of Attraction in Relationships

When it comes to relationships, attraction is often seen as a key ingredient. After all, how can you fancy someone if you’re not physically attracted to them?

Attraction is the initial spark of chemistry between two people. It may propel them toward further interaction and eventually leads to intimacy. However, it is just a part of the equation.

It’s true that you’ll be drawn to someone who you find physically appealing. But, other crucial factors can come into play.

In other words, attraction is about more than just physical attractiveness. So, when it comes to finding love, don’t be afraid to open your heart – and your mind.

You might be surprised about how much physical and emotional attraction plays in creating lasting romantic relationships. You may even agree with someone saying, “Even if I’m not physically attracted to my boyfriend, I can be attracted to him because we share similar values, and he makes me laugh.”

Let’s look at the different types of attraction and their roles in relationships. We’ll also discuss ways to strengthen your romantic attraction to your partner. So read on!

6 Types of Attraction

A lot of people think that attraction means only sexual or romantic feelings. Also, women tend to believe these two forms overlap. But actually, people experience attraction in many different ways.

Attraction Types Definition
   1. Physical Attraction This usually centers on the desire to show affection and love to other people through physical touch.

It can be in the form of kissing and hugging – not necessarily sexual.

   2. Sexual Attraction This refers to the desire to engage in sex with another person. It may inspire feelings of lust and arousal.

Also, it can involve fantasies or attraction to someone you won’t ever have intimate contact with, such as your favorite celebrity.

   3. Emotional Attraction


This involves being affiliated with someone based on their inner characteristics or personality.

It also refers to the desire to learn more about them because of their attitude towards you and not due to their physical appearance.

   4. Romantic Attraction This refers to the desire to have a romantic relationship with another person.

It’s not the same with sexual attraction, but they can happen simultaneously.

It may also happen without physical or sexual contact.

   5. Intellectual Attraction This involves finding someone’s ideas, thoughts, and mind appealing.


    6. Aesthetic Attraction This refers to finding someone visually appealing without wanting to have any relationship or contact.

It can also apply to objects you might encounter, such as the products you want to buy.

Attraction and Relationships

It’s important to know what type of attraction you’re feeling so that your relationships can go more smoothly.

But of the different types of attraction, research suggests that emotional connection plays the most crucial role in having a successful romantic relationship. Being emotionally accessible is far more important than being sexually available. Also, romantic partners who lacked emotional connection were likely to break up over time.

The more you are emotionally invested in someone, the better your chances of having a long-lasting relationship.

When you and your boyfriend share an intense attraction that goes beyond being physically attractive, then you have greater potential for commitment and stability over time. Your feelings will grow stronger with every encounter together, which leads you deeper into love.

Tips for Strengthening Your Attraction to Your Partner

If you’re looking to deepen your connection with your partner, here are a few things you can do.

  • Spend time doing things you enjoy together.
  • Make an effort to learn about the things they’re interested in and share your own interests with them.
  • Talk to them about the things that make you feel good or attracted to them.
  • Make sure you’re physically comfortable with them. This includes everything from sexual activity to simply cuddling.
  • Be gentle and loving with them, both physically and emotionally.
  • Be honest with them about your feelings and listen to their feelings as well.

By taking the time to connect with your partner on a deeper level, you can create a stronger sense of attraction. Always try to get creative and explore ways to strengthen your connection.


Attraction can be defined as the physical or emotional response that you feel toward another person. It’s that je ne sais quoi that makes you want to get to know someone better.

When you are physically or sexually attracted to someone, you are drawn to their physical appearance. These include their body language, voice, smell, or anything that signals that they are a potential mate.

The physical or sexual attraction is important in the beginning stages of a relationship. But it is not necessarily a guarantee of longevity.

In order for a romantic relationship to survive and thrive, other factors need to come into play. Without trust, communication, and mutual respect, even the strongest initial attraction and sexual desire will eventually fizzle out.

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