The Secret to Getting Rid of Back Pain is in Your Feet -5 Magic Exercises That Will Fix Everyting

Did you know that a lot many of your physical ailments can be traced back to your feet? Frequent aches in the knees, hips and even back could be because your feet aren’t getting enough exercise. First and foremost, start stretching your muscles. It will bring in a world of benefits, such as:

  • Better flexibility and thus lesser chances of injuries
  • Stronger bones
  • Better circulation and thus improved muscles health
  • Better posture and subsequently relief from back, neck and shoulder aches
  • Helpful in back pain because when your muscles are not stretched, it puts extra pressure on the spine
  • Lower blood pressure and overall heart health
  • Lesser stress

Our feet are important for the entire body because they have many nodal points which connect to the rest of the body. Not to mention that many muscles in our feet reach up to other parts of the body. If we can strengthen our feet, a lot many problems will be solved. Stretching will not only improve your overall flexibility but also strengthen the muscles and relieve body aches. There are certain exercises which you can try to flex and strengthen your feet. It would be a good idea if you start including these 5 exercises in your everyday routine:

1. Walking on your toes

For the first set, stand on tip toe and walk straight ahead for 20 seconds. Next, push your toes outwards and walk for 20 seconds more. In the final set, walk for 20 seconds with your feet inwards. Make 4 repetitions of these sets with 10 seconds break in between.

2. Curling your toes

Sit comfortably on a chair and spread an old towel on the floor. Now curl your toes on the towel, trying to grab and crumple it. When you’ve done this for 5-10 tries, try lifting it up by grabbing it with your toes. Do it for each leg, trying to hold the towel in the air for at least 10 seconds.

3. Heel raising exercises

Take the support of a chair or stair and keep one leg on the support. If your right leg is on the chair, bend the left one a little bit. Now try to raise your body on the left leg, with the foot in a straight line with the leg. Make a set of 10 reps each for each leg.

4. Tibialis Anterior

You will need an exercise band for this one. Sit on the floor and bend one leg. On the other leg’s foot place the exercise band whose other end is secured around an object such as a chair. Bring the toes of this leg together and try holding this pose for 10 seconds. Then repeat for the other leg.

5. Ankle circles

Lie on your back on the floor. Bring the knee of your left leg up to your chest. Point the toes outward, and rotate your ankle clockwise for 10 circles, and anti clockwise for 10 more. Repeat for the other leg.
These exercises are very easy and shouldn’t take you more than 15-20 minutes a day. Even if you can do them for 3 days in a week, you will start noticing the changes soon.

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