The Zodiac Signs That Make Great Girlfriends, Ranked From Best To Worst


Libra girls are definitely our first pick in the best girlfriend category. They are generous and kind and want to have meaningful relationships. Their compassion goes beyond their relationship too and they worry about the society. They are also very straightforward and have no time for drama.


As lovers, Leo girls are the best. Their intensity and passion just cannot be matched. They are confident in their own skin and will never shy away from showing you how much you are loved. Things will never be stake with them as they can always keep the intrigue alive in a relationship.


Though Taurus are known for being headstrong and stubborn, yet they make for very good girlfriends. They are such amazing human beings who are genuine, caring and kind. Once they are close to you, you’d see a whole new passionate side to them as well.


Cancer girls are all about having fun and amazing adventures. Being with them is a pure treat. Although, it takes a while to make them open up to you, but once they feel comfortable they’ll show you the greatest time of your life. So put on your seat belt and hold on tight for the ride of a lifetime.


Gemini are the most fun loving people in the world. Being with them you will always experiencing new and interesting things. The only reason they are not amongst the very top names is because it is a little hard to maintain the interest of a Gemini.


If a Scorpio girl loves you; she will leave no stones unturned in trying to get you. She works hard for the things she wants in life and is fierce about them. However being with a Scorpio, you might feel a bit insecure because their loyalty wavers easily.


Pisces are very generous and giving. Meeting them you’d feel like no one can love you as unconditionally as they can. But in doing so, they forget about themselves and down the line they start blaming you for this. It is natural for them to get butter if they think they are being taken for granted.


Aquarius are very flimsy with their affection. When she is with you she will make sure that you feel like being on top of the world. But sooner or later she will get bored if you and will have no qualms in moving on.


A relationship is just not anywhere near the top of an Aries’ priority list. She has a lot of things to achieve and her eyes are set on her goal. Even if she is with you, she might not give enough time or importance which is due to the relationship.


For a Sagittarius woman, being committed to one person is like closing a door on all the opportunities she could have had. She would never want to be exclusive or even if she is she wouldn’t be late in moving on if she feels someone better has come along.


Although a virgin woman is a great seductress and will do anything to get you attached to her, but that’s not where the story ends. She has unreasonably high expectations, and when you obviously fail to meet them, she’d make you feel unworthy of her love.


A Capricorn looks more about how much she can extract from a relationship than how much love she will get. Her priorities are solely materialistic and so don’t expect that she’d be very loving and caring.

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