Things You Should Have Known Before Playing With Her Heart

She loved you truly. Her feelings for you weren’t temporary and fragile. She took care to make you feel her love, her affection for you. She was a woman who had a heart of gold. She loved you unconditionally and expected you to love her in the same way.

However, she did not get what she rightfully deserved. You failed to understand her and took her for granted. You enjoyed basking in her affection, without reciprocating her love. So, she chose to leave you because unlike you, she values love.

Even if you meant the world to her, she expected you to treat her with care and compassion. If she is ready to dedicate everything to you, she wants you to understand it, respect it and savour it forever. It is only when she has left you that you’ve realized her worth.

Here’s a comprehensive list of what you could have had, but lost to your follies.

You’ve lost a great partner forever

You lost someone who truly cared for you. She loved you, forgetting all the odds. She accepted you the way you were and was ready to face all challenges along with you. For someone who was prepared to be by your side for a lifetime, the decision to leave wasn’t easy. You must have done something grave.

She was true to you

She knew what being in love entailed. Loyalty, commitment, faithfulness never irked her. She was committed not by words, but by actions. This was the true sign of her love for you.

She was flawless

She was not only beautiful outside, but also inside. Had you valued her worth, she could have the perfect woman for you. The woman you could grow old with, happily. But you chose to be indifferent towards her and now, she is gone.

She could have been your best companion

Everybody looks for a friend in his/her partner. She could have been your ideal friend. She would have been by your side, supporting you, guiding you, forever. She could have given you everything you had ever wanted for, but you let her go.

She would have had your back, always

She would have been by your side through thick and thin, encouraging you, loving you, turning you into a better person. Had you not been careless and impatient towards her, you would have owned a gem. She would have stood firmly beside you, helping you perfect all your imperfections. There is no better soulmate than the one who helps you grow as a person.

You let go of your biggest support-system

She had promised to be your adherent for all the times you were happy or heartbroken. You always had her shoulder to cry on. Your happiness was all that she cared about. She wanted to laugh with you, cry with you, console you, advice you, protect you and love you. You overlooked that.

You lost your source of true contentment in life

A man who gets a woman who genuinely loves him is the luckiest man on earth. True love is not an easy thing to get. She would have done everything possible to bring a smile to your face, to make you feel satisfied and happy. You, on your part, acted foolishly. She is gone because love cannot be one-sided.

The purpose of this article is not to give you a guilt trip. We simply want you to mend your ways and not repeat this mistakes with anybody else. For, true love comes your way rarely, and those who fail to value it, end up with nothing but regrets!

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