This Is What Your Birth Year’s Last Digit Reveal About You

Mankind has been fascinated with the intricate concepts of numerology since time immemorial. We are always eager to know more about our future – what lies beyond the barrier of the present. It compels us to perform better in our lives, making us struggle to reach the peak.

Sometimes, beneath all the impetus that the uncertainty of our future presents us with, lies something even more powerful – superstition. Human beings are way too impatient to handle the mystery of something unknown. So, we often end up chasing pseudo-science to find our answers.

Here, we have compiled a list of traits that a human possesses on basis of the last digit of his/her birth year. Read on!

0-1 – METAL

Metal has been hailed as being one of the strongest, ductile elements on planet earth. Similarly, people born in this category tend to be very firm and composed by nature. They can easily adapt to vile circumstances and be proactive instead of putting up immature reactions. They never give up!

2-3 – WATER

People who are born in this category tend to have a very strong sense of art and aesthetics. They procreate art easily and make a radical change in the world with their meticulous nature to succeed. They are compassionate human beings who know their responsibilities in the society very well.

4-5 – WOOD

People born in this category tend to be very resilient to adverse circumstances. No degree of adversity can uproot them from their stance of self-confidence. They also have an amazing platform for a social life because they can communicate really well. This is because they are intellectually strong!

6-7 – FIRE

People who are born in this category are daring and adventurous from their hearts! They never believe in a comfort zone – they always try to go beyond it to learn about the world outside. They hate to be the frog in the well, when the ocean lies at their fingertips. Their beauty and glamour attract everyone around them as well. They can change the world with their reckless eagerness to learn!

8-9 – EARTH

People born in this category tend to be the most stable human beings you’ll find. They know their weaknesses and strengths and act accordingly and never succumb to petty desires. Loyalty and self-sacrificing traits are their biggest advantages. Never mess with an Earth person because once he/she loses his/her calm, you are in trouble!

So, this is how numerologists of our era have successfully divided up the common mass into various sections. Do you find any similarity with these observations? We do, at least. Let us know!

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