5 Crucial Signs Which Prove That People Who Cry More Often Are Emotionally Stronger and Healthier

Human beings are blessed with the trait of empathy and compassionate accompaniment. It is one of the most under-rated emotions in the world – to feel an emotional connection with something/somebody you are getting to know. Gradually, the whole idea of love seeps in and you mature as a person!

Yet, there are several people out there who do not spare a moment to shame their friends when they cry. Crying is one of the fundamental human emotions which portray that you feel something more intricately than others – you have a human heart!

But alas, the world has marked the act of crying as a “social sign of weakness”. Crying does not make anybody inferior to their fellow mates. Interestingly, extensive research has proved that people who cry are emotionally stronger than those who don’t. Here in this article, we have listed 5 reasons why. Read on!

1. Crying alleviates your stress

It’s biological – crying releases a series of hormones which releases us from the shackles of stress. The Adrenocorticotropic (ACTH) hormone triggers. This, in turn, helps us get better with our emotional burdens – and ultimately be happy.

2. Crying enhances our mood

It helps us avoid getting back to emotional complexities. The burden of sorrow is left behind with the release of Endorphins – hormones which are triggered to keep us happy. The brain wants us to cry at times!

3. Crying establishes an intimate relationship

In the modern era of dating where people are often duped by others who make false promises to break their hearts, crying is necessary. Dating often exposes us to the vulnerability of being predominantly emotional and humane. Crying in front of your lover isn’t actually bad at all. It helps you establish solid interactions and mental intimacy. The best of friendships always have the worst fights and quarrels. Yet, they somehow manage to get back together and live a peaceful life, knowing well where their hearts lie. That’s love.

4. Crying helps you express your repressed emotions

Crying never allows you to be sad about one particular event while repressing other unfortunate events. Eventually, it forces you to release the tremendous pressure of not exposing your real feelings to the world out there. The one time you were let down by your family? The exact one moment of dissatisfaction with your lover which you didn’t speak up about? Everything stays in the back of our minds – just to be expressed later. No level of comforting can bring up the repressed emotions except your own desire to let it out. When you cry, every single repressed emotion you have eventually found a way out of that trap –leaving you behind with unadulterated happiness.

5. Crying increases your creativity

When you are crying, it activates the domains of your brain that predominantly linked with your expression of creativity and intellect. The best pieces of music are procreated by artists who struggled a lot, shedding tears of perseverance and sacrifices!

If you are ashamed to cry, do not be! It’s absolutely normal to let go of your emotions and be the person you deserve to be – Happy, lively, creative, blooming and empathetic. We wish you the best!

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