This Is Why Boys Need More Emotional Support Than Girls

Most of us think that gendered stereotypes are harmless. After all, what harm can it do to attribute pink to girls and blue to boys? But the truth is that there is much more to it.

Recently, many studies have shown how this kind of stereotyping can affect the way a person develops. We all need to take not of these and what they have to say about supporting kids emotionally, boys in particular.

According to Sebastian Kraemer, in his study called ‘The Fragile Male’, the brain of a male child is more delicate than that of a female child. Their sensitivity to their mother’s emotions is heightened even while they are in the womb. In the post natal phase, the male brain takes over a month and a half to catch up to the female brain. This ensures that girls develop faster while boys have hard time learning during their childhood.

As they grow older, it only gets more difficult for boys because they aren’t offered support emotionally. They are more likely to become dyslexic and develop issues like ADHD. Research shows that death by suicide is more likely to be committed by adult males in Canada than by adult females. They are also more likely to become depressed and since they don’t react the way women do, it is hard to diagnose them.

Besides biological variations, the brain is also deeply influenced by the experiences we have growing up. Kraemer’s work reveals that male babies are not nurtured as much as female babies. Parents think boys take a lot more out of them and this can cause them to grow apart from their children.

On top of it all, societal norms teach us that boys are hardier than girls and don’t need to be nurtured emotionally. This form of masculinity that is only detrimental to their development is taught to boys at a very young age and it has an adverse effect on the way they relate to themselves and with the people around them.

It is important to give boys love, trust and intimacy in order to teach them how to navigate their own emotions. This way they can learn how to truly care for those around them. They require more assistance in this case than girls, more so before they turn one year old.

So if you are a parent, take this advice. Don’t ever think that boys don’t express their feelings. In reality, they are having a hard time expressing themselves and need a little push to understand that getting their feelings out in the open is a good them. Help them analyze their emotions and make them feel secure enough to tell you what they are feeling.

Don’t ever make them feel ashamed for the emotions they are going through. Don’t tell boys that crying and moments of weakness are only for girls. Instead, help them learn control for when they need it and offer them whatever comfort you can. You will bring up little men who are hearty, healthy and excited.

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