This is Your Reminder to Keep Going Even if Life Gets Hard

Let us get one thing out of the way- life is anything but a bed of roses. Things barely ever go our way and most of the times, even when we try our best, we do not get our desired results and we are often served with disappointment. Right now, you are probably low and are feeling helpless, you do not know where your life is going and you are directionless at the moment. You feel like you are not doing enough or you lack the capability to be enough. You just can’t seem to get your act together.

If you are going through this period of self resentment, take a moment and understand that you are beating yourself up unnecessarily. This is not the end of everything and there is more to life than just this. You have to stop this negativity from getting to you by taking some time to yourself and know that God has a plan for you and however messy everything seems right now, everything will ultimately fall into place.

When you feel overwhelmed by these thoughts, close your eyes and think about the times you did great things and achieved whatever you had to. Try and go back to the blissful moments that you spent with your loved ones and felt genuinely happy. Remember that you are loved, cherished, wanted and needed. Your mistakes do not define you. You are more than just your bad days. There is more to you than just your sadness and failures. The secret is- we all fail at some point or the other.

Failure is not ultimate. Failure is a learning process. It is how you learn. If you encounter failure once, it does not mean that it will go on forever.  You have to know that the only way to reverse failure is to keep going and going, until and unless you succeed. You must understand that things will not always be the way you want them to be, but that does not mean that the Universe hates you or is out to get you. Every day is a gift, which is why it is called “present”, so do not give up on God and his plan.

Your faith is what will get you through everything that you think you cannot deal with- so hold on to your belief. The Lord will only give you so much that you will be able to handle.

Think of the bad days in the past, think about how you made through all those bad days and fought like a true blue soldier. You are a battled hardened soldier and nothing can take you down unless you let these things take you down.

Before going to sleep every night, take a moment and breathe, give yourself credit for how hard you have been trying and understand that you are trying, trying your best.

This life was designed for you, for your best. Do not let the setbacks get to you.

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