This Is Why Strong Girls Get Attached So Easily

Ever had a girl get attached to you for no reason at all? You might not have been in an official relationship with her. Maybe all you did was flirt with her a little bit and that was it. She got attached to you simply because you showed her a little bit of attention. The moment you smiled at her, that was it. That was all it took for her to become obsessed with the idea of you.

You might think that it was because she’s shallow, but that’s not true. You might think that she got attached to you because of your physical appearance, but that’s not true either. She most likely got attached to you because for once, you made her feel like she was someone special while she’s used to being treated like a nobody.

She got attached to you simply because she has limitless hope. In you, she saw a glimmer of faith, maybe even the promise of a future. It’s only because she saw something in you that she got attached to you. The thing about strong girls like her is that even though they are broken and hurt, they never run out of hope

. She is fully aware that people can be cruel and knows that have the ability to inflict the worst kind of pain on other people, and for this reason, she hates people. But that does not stop her from believing in them. She knows that there in potential in every person, and she has firm belief in the truth and kindness that people can possess. She believes that one day she’ll find true friendship and unconditional affection.

She got attached to you because she has hope that you might be the person to provide her with the friendship and affection that she craves. When a boy holds the door for her, or when she wakes up to a sweet good morning test from him, she believes that the boy really is a gentleman.

Even though she knows that he might be doing it only to get laid with her, she is willing to believe in the goodness of him. With these small gestures, she begins to believe that “no strings attached” has become a thing of the past for her, and that you’ll be the one to give her true love.

The fact that she loves so intensely shouldn’t scare you. Instead, appreciate her readiness to jump into the unknown, even though she knows she might hit the rock-hard ground. To be willing to open your heart up to someone when it has already been broken before takes a lot of courage and strength.

She wants to feel love, and to give love, and to be intimate without having any fears. She craves love so much that she imagines it to be present in every set of eyes that she sees.

She gets attached easily because she knows that there’s a lot that she can give. She has faith that she’ll find the one she’s looking for – the one that won’t disappoint her – it will only take a little bit of searching for her to find someone who will not take advantage of how she loves, as intensely as the stars.

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