How To Treat Diabetes With Mango Leaves

Diabetes is getting to be a widespread problem with the adaptation of junk food, processed food and food with high levels of sugar. The food that we eat is digested into glucose which is a simple type of sugar, and it goes into our blood system. The pancreas creates an enzyme called insulin, and the insulin helps the cells of our body to absorb the glucose, and the problem appears if the secretion of the insulin enzyme is affected, then the sugars start to build up in our bloodstream.



Types of Diabetes

Diabetes 1: This is a condition when the pancreas stops to produce insulin. This is caused when the body attacks and kills its beta cells, and this condition requires you to take dose of insulin for a day.

Diabetes 2: This is a condition when the pancreas doesn’t secrete enough insulin in the system, and you are required to take medicine for increasing the insulin secretion.

If it’s not treated, the diabetes can cause several damages to other organs of our body, such as eyes, heart, nerves, even kidney failure. If it’s still not treated, it can cause damage to every organ in our system.

There are multiple ways to bring it under your control, since you can’t cure it. Surprisingly, mango leaves are a potent natural treatment for diabetes. Here are some suggestions that we made of how to use mango leaves to keep the sugar levels at a balanced point.


How Mango Leaves Treat Diabetes

Mango leaves are proven as very effective in controlling the sugar levels in our body. To diabetic patients were given mango leaves and the results showed that the leaves have lowered down the sugar levels to a balanced point. The tender mango leaves contains “tannins” which has been found to be very effective for diabetes treatment of early onset of diabetes, and are also rich of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. They also help for asthma, varicose veins, bronchitis and fever.


Take 10 to 15 mango leaves every day and boil it with a glass of water at night, and let it stand overnight and sip and strain in the morning. If it’s hard to find fresh mango leaves in your area stores, try buying a mango leaves that are dried, or dry them yourself. Once they are dried, make them into powder and keep them into dry, cool area and take ½ of spoonful for a day. You can also mix the powder with water and drink it.

You need to do this for 2-3 months to notice the effect. Drinking it on an empty stomach will make your body absorb more of it and give faster results.


Use It As A Preventative Measure

Diabetes is called the silent killer because often it can go undiagnosed until it starts to affect the body. If you have a history of diabetes in your family you can use mango leaves to prevent yourself from getting it. If you’re not sure about the symptoms here are some that can help you out if you notice them in your body.

The most common symptoms are connected with the diuretic effects, if you notice that you’re peeing more often than usual (especially at night), are constantly thirsty and have dry mouth, you should probably get yourself tested. One of the myths about diabetes is that it doesn’t affect slim people and it affects people with extra weight. The truth is that our food choices and stress levels will put us into danger of diabetes. You can always start  with a diet that includes mango leaves in it.

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