Tricks That Will Help You Deal With People Who Crave a Lot Of Attention

We often meet people who love it when others talk about them all day long. They are called attention seekers. They can be someone from your own family, workplace or even your classmate. These people have terrible mood swings. They are very eccentric in nature. They always behave in a very erratic and irrational manner. They cannot handle when someone else is being given more importance than him. They always want to overshadow others with their qualities and always want to stand out from the crowd.

People who crave a lot of attention often suffers from Histrionic Personality Disorder (HPD)

American Psychiatric Association has stated that people who suffer from Histrionic Personality Disorder have signs of too much attention seeking problems. This starts from early childhood and is followed by the excessive need for approval and inappropriate behavior. Merriam-Webster defines the word ‘Histrionic’ as things or people who are extremely dramatic or theatrical in nature.

People with Histrionic Personality Disorder (HPD) and how to identify them:-

1. They have emotions which are very complex, unstable and also very intense.

2. Their behavior with other people is very wrong. It is inappropriate, sexual and flirtatious.

3. They always want to get importance from other people irrespective of their qualities. They always want to be reassured and approved by others.

4. They cannot follow the norms and abide by the rules. They always break them and get easily bored with the monotonous schedule.

5. They think too much about themselves and give others very less importance.

6. They will always have problems with other people and they cannot maintain relationships. Whether it is with their friends, lover or even family.

7. If they ever are in the middle of a situation where others are stealing the limelight then they will start to panic and get nervous.

What causes Histrionic Personality Disorder (HPD)

1. If a person has been neglected since childhood then he or she is liable to get Histrionic Personality Disorder as they did not get the love that they deserved.

2. Some people inherit Histrionic Personality Disorder as it is there in their genes.

3. Many environmental factors can also contribute to Histrionic Personality Disorder. For example, not being criticized or stopped while doing something wrong.

How to deal with people who suffer from Histrionic Personality Disorder?

1. Remain calm

While interacting with people who are suffering from HPD, one should remain calm and not lose his cool.

2. Maintain distance

People who are suffering from HPD fail to comprehend boundaries. Hence it is always safe to keep a distance of three or four feet.

3. Question their behavior

You should always ask those questions in a very friendly manner so that it does not hurt their feelings or emotions.

4. Recommend taking yoga or meditation

People suffering from HPD must always be calm and composed. Doing yoga or by meditating it helps a person to be calm.

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