Unconditional Love is About Acceptance and Growth, Never About Changing Your Partner

Love make us all better people, it makes the world go round. The most important and the most wonderful thing about it is that it is unconditional. If it is not unconditional, it is not love.

When two people fall in love, they forget about the shortcomings of their partner and find the best in them, because let us be honest, nobody is perfect. Love is kind and accepting. It finds a way to find beauty even in the ugly parts of someone’s character and accept them for who they are, not changing a thing about them.

Now, it is no lie that we all have an ideal of how our partner should be, and there are times when we force ourselves to fall in love with someone just because they fit that particular structure and not necessarily because we feel a lot for them. Sometimes, we try changing our partners to find a way to make them fit that ideal but we forget that love does not work like that. We forget that we are imperfect beings ourselves and have our own gaps to fill.

Do not force love, or force stop it. Your partner is yours to love, so love them without trying to change them. The change that comes after both of you have fallen in love is always a good one.

Your work and your love are not to change your partner, but to encourage them to do the best that they possibly can.

Let us make another thing clear as well, in love, there cannot be too much rushing. Everyone moves at their own pace so you have to allow them that time and have patience. You must be their safety net and have them find the trust to fall back upon you whenever they need to, because that is what love is about, being each other’s safe spaces.

Love comes with sacrifice and true love is never deterred in the face of anything. If sacrificing something means that your partner will be happy or find well being, do not shy away from it. Remember that they love you too, and will never ask anything very severe of you, something that will harm you or land you unhappy.

Love is finding love in your heart for your partner even when they are at their worst, good, bad, ugly, what have they. Love your partner like it is the only thing you were ever meant to do.

Love is not just easy and smooth, it comes with its share of difficulties but you cannot give up at any point.

Loving unconditionally also requires you to ignore your flaws and loving yourself unconditionally as well. You must find love in your heart for yourself to be able to give it to others. Accept yourself as the person you are and find the space in yourself to let yourself, breathe, grow and thrive.

Love is a wonderful thing, love whole heartedly and give it your best shot.

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