7 Differences Between Being In a Relationship With a Girl And a Lady

Love works in strange forms. Sometimes, it appears in the form of an immature girl, while sometimes, it is a fine woman. But, how to know who is what? They do not come with a tag on them, for us to understand. But they do have some polarised characteristics that help us understand whom to fall in love with.  There are several difference between a girl and a lady. Even the term ‘lady’ sounds more refined than a ‘girl’. They have opinions, conflicting opinions on almost everything under the sun, and it is for the reader to realise who is he/she with.

1. A girl would always be an open person, with no secrets close to her. How many men she slept with, or how many men asked her out, nothing would ever be private knowledge. A lady, would always keep the cards very close to her chest, and no one would ever come to know.

2. A girl believes in gossiping about celebrities, and talking about Page 3, along with several Cosmopolitan magazines lying around, where topics would range from ‘Who slept with whom?’ to ‘Who is Justin Bieber dating now?’ A lady, on the other hand, would be profound. She would not waste her time being incongruous and shallow. She would rather talk about ideas that would shape her life.

3. Her life makes more sense to her than her relationship. That being said, she knows that she would never let go off her dreams, ambitions in favour of someone else, even if they were madly in love with each other. A girl, on the other hand, would recognise nothing else but her boyfriend.

4. She is independent, financially and physically. She knows what she wants and doesn’t hesitate to get it herself. She would not wait for her partner, for she has all the confidence in herself to get what she wants. A girl on the other hand, would nag her partner into giving her things, and she would be dependent on him.

5. A lady is always secure in a relationship. No matter how young the relationship is, or how much attractive her partner is, she believes in herself, and him, and that would ensure that the relationship is maintained throughout. A girl, on the other hand, would be screaming her head off, is she saw her man with some woman, even if they were talking and nothing else. She would be insecure and jealous, for somewhere, she knows her shortcomings.

6. A girl is always in it for the beauty. Physical attraction means everything to her. She would forego everything if the guy is good looking. But a lady knows that character is the most important feature in a human, and if it isn’t good, nothing else would even come near to that. Physical attraction can only go till a certain distance.

7. A lady warrants respect wherever she goes. She is poised. Refined. Polite. Rational and knows her place in society. She knows that everything needs to be gained, and not bequeathed. But a girl would consider it her right that everyone would cater to her, while, she lazes her life away.

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