Want to Know When Will You Get Married?

Marriage is one of the important events of an individual’s life. It binds two people and also plays an important role in the families involved. However, in some cases, there can be problems in this.

If you’ve asked the questions, “when will I get married?”, you must first find out the different marriage problems, which can be better understood through the concept of marriage astrology. This science gives answers to different marriage-related questions.


Cause of Marriage Delay

The two major planets behind an individual’s marriage are Venus and Jupiter. One of them is the Guru of the Gods whereas the other is the Guru of the demons. Gurus have to be placed suitably and need to be supportive of each other. Only then can the marriage take place. In case these planets are not properly placed, they can reduce your marriage chances.

Several sages and astrologers have given typical combinations that can negate or cause marriage delay. Some such important combinations are:

  1. In case Venus gets surrounded by bad planets
  2. If Mars and Venus merge in the fifth, seventh or the ninth house
  3. Thirdly, when Mars is in the seventh house and it is aspected by a bad planet
  4. Another combination is when a planet such as the Sun, Saturn or Mars take the seventh house, leading to marriage delay
  5. When Mercury and Venus combine in the seventh house

Talking about the planetary obstructions that cause issues related to marriage, one can put in some effort and even take the help of some small rituals to balance out such placements. However, one cannot easily eliminate the causes of marriage delay or other issues related to marriage. The reasons behind marriage related delays or issues are becoming prudent with the change in time.

Marriage Astrology and Matching of Marriage Chart

Matching of charts or better known as Kundli Milan is carried out by doing Gun Milan. However, following only this method can turn out to be a gross and blunt error. The Gun Milan within Kundli Milan can be done with the help of online marriage reports. If Kundli Milan for marriage had been so simple, everyone would have been able to evaluate these charts.

Gun Milan is one of the preliminary steps for matching marriage charts. Typically, one should only give 10% weightage to Gun Milan. Kundli Milan or matching of marriage charts should take into account different factors of marriage compatibility. Astrologers may approve marriages with 12/14 Gun matching or even disapprove the one with 30/32 Gun matching. This also becomes relevant to the growing stature of females in modern Indian society.

Reading such factors about comprehensive marriage compatibility is important for marriage aspirants as well as for the individuals who are having issues in their married life.


While reading the predictions about marriage or marriage astrology, one should never forget that there can be some negative doshas in our horoscope sometimes. While a negative dosha may not harmful all the time. You should take timely care if them with the help of Karma Correction so that they can be molded to your advantage.

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