Wedding Planners Reveal 7 Signs That a Marriage Will Last

Turns out that nosy aunties and divorce lawyers aren’t the only ones who know how long your marriage is going to last. No, we aren’t talking about God.  We are talking about wedding planners. Seems like they know more than which guest is going to sit where. One of the reasons behind this could be that since they spend few months with their clients discussing the wedding, they see more than what meets the eye and can paint a picture by seeing the way the couple agrees or disagrees with each other.

According to wedding planners, there are 7 essential signs which indicate that a marriage is going to last. To know what they are, continue reading.

1.Will to compromise

Even when you’re marrying someone, it doesn’t mean that you two will agree to everything that the other says. It is here when the concept of compromise comes in. The wedding is a huge event and takes months of planning. There are going to be numerous occasions when two people won’t agree on one thing, for example, the flavour of cake, the kind of candles, which band to invite and so on. In such circumstances, if a couple manages to compromise a little on different aspects to make everything smooth, then this is a clear sign that the marriage is going to last. It’s not about deciding the cake; it’s about coming mid-way to keep the other person happy without killing your own happiness. And that’s what marriages are about.

2.More focus on marriage than the wedding

Most couples tend to forget that a wedding is just an event leading to a bigger picture called marriage. Yes, you sure are allowed to be excited about your big day but make sure you don’t have weak ground rules just because you want the exterior to look pretty. This is you deciding who you want to spend your life with and it deserves to be taken seriously.


Remember that it’s not just your wedding. It’s also the wedding of the person you are getting married to and they deserve to feel equally happy about it. Take decisions together. Mostly women are the more excited ones, but that doesn’t mean that the guy shouldn’t be allowed to put forth his choices.

4.Handling wedding finances as one

(Friends reference alert) This is a classic Monica- Chandler thing. This is your wedding and it is only right for two people to invest equally in it, emotionally and financially. Since you two have to lead a life together ahead, it’s better that you know your partners financial standing and plans the wedding accordingly. It makes no sense to load your shoulders with a loan of a huge sum just because you want a perfect wedding.

5.They know when to draw a line when it comes to families

Marriages are almost never between two people. It’s between two families. You’re going to see cousins you didn’t even know exist, so you will have to draw a line for some pushy relatives. Come on. We all have them.

6.Realistic approach

The approach you have towards your wedding will speak a lot about how you’re going to manage your marriage. Do you want an ice statue at a beach wedding? Yes. See? That’s what we’re talking about.

7.They know the difference between conversation and argument

Every conversation doesn’t necessarily need to be an argument. Of course, two people can disagree but that doesn’t mean it has to be a heated argument. Couples who know how to make mutual decisions without having to scream at each other win. Always.

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