Avoid Deodorants With These Harmful Ingredients

We all love to smell good and nobody loves the smell of sweats. As a result of trying to smell good all day, most people resort to using deodorants. But do we really know what is in these deodorants that prevents sweats and make us smell good? We have been injecting toxins and chemicals into our bodies through these deodorants which come in different scents and brands. When shopping for this deodorants people selects the one with the best scent but they rarely look at the ingredients label because they assume that since they are in the shelves, they have been certified and safe to be used.

It’s a good practice to always check the ingredients found in our personal care products and understand their safety or risks. The main function of a deodorant is to kill bacteria under the armpit hence reducing body odor, while antiperspirant kills bacterial and clogs the sweat pores to prevent sweating. So it is wise to buy a deodorant that doesn’t have antiperspirant, since it’s good to get rid of toxins in your body through sweating. The following are Ingredients that should be avoided in deodorants:

  1. Aluminum

This is the main ingredient in antiperspirant deodorants because they are responsible for stopping the flow of sweats by clogging the pores. So what happens when your body cannot release toxins in your underarm? Prolonged accumulation of these toxins in your body can be disastrous. Aluminum interferes with estrogen levels and since it penetrates through the skin, they can cause cell mutation and a risk of getting breast cancer and Alzheimer disease. This could be the reason why breast cancer is common in women than men.

  1. Parabens

This is a harmful ingredient that is normally used as a preservative in deodorants. A research done in 2004 associated Parabens with breast cancer because they mimic estrogen which is responsible for causing hormonal imbalance in the body. There are sensitive tissues near the breast so when they come into contact with these ingredients they can cause breast cancer. This chemical irritates the skin and some people can be allergic to it.

  1. Silica

This is normally added to deodorants to absorb sweat.  It is a known skin irritant. Silica found in deodorant is harmful since it may get contaminated with Crystalline quartz a compound known to trigger development of cancer cells.

  1. Triclosan

An ingredient found in deodorants that is meant to kill bacteria. It has an irritant effect on the skin and it can cause contact dermatitis. Classified by FDA as a pesticide, it is said to be carcinogenic. Research done on some animals showed that Triclosan disrupted the functioning of thyroid.

  1. Propylene Glycol

Another harmful yet frequently used ingredient. Continuous usage of Propylene Glycol has shown to damage the kidney and the liver. It is also known to cause irritation to sensitive skin. Research has shown that it can affect the central nervous system causing seizures and depression. It is dangerous when applied to an injured skin.

  1. Steareths

These are waxy chemicals that are added during the manufacturing process to weaken the harsh chemicals in deodorants. They are carcinogenic and   they become more dangerous when they come into contact with ethylene dioxide.

  1. Triethanolamine and Diethanolamine (TEA and DEA)

These two chemicals are harmful when they get into your skin and can damage your Liver and the Kidneys. They are carcinogenic and they have been banned in European countries.

  1. Fragrance

These are the scents we get from deodorants. Some can cause skin irritation and other allergies depending on the ingredients used.

  1. Talc

This ingredient may contain absestiform fibers which are carcinogens known to trigger development of cancer cells.

  1. Artificial colors

Some could be having bleaching effect and are skin irritant. Some may also be carcinogens.

Bottom line

Remember sweating is an important natural process that keeps our body healthy by kicking out toxins and even regulating our body temperature. We should be careful when purchasing personal care products so as not to interfere with this biological process. We should always read the ingredient labels so that we avoid buying toxic ingredients. The best option is to go for natural brands or deodorants that do not contain antiperspirant.

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