When Two Imperfect People Choose Not to Give Up On Each Other, It’s Called True Relationship

Have you heard of any perfect relationship? I wouldn’t say so. If the answer is yes, sounds like there isn’t fun at all. What is a relationship without challenges? A relationship that is not growing is convicted to die. So both individuals need to be strong and mature enough so they can survive all the obstacles and keep the relationship alive.

Two souls who would never give up on each other and on their relationship

Nothing that is truly worth comes easy in life, and there is no exception with the relationships. They never meant to be perfect. If you love someone you always need to be ready to fight for that person and for your relationship, without asking yourself if you’re doing the right thing. Without any second thought.  You need to be lead only by love.

The strongest relationships became strongest for a reason, because both sides were strong enough to face the problems and not let them to damage the relationship. They both are aware that the solution always comes from the inside of the relationship, never outside of the relationship.

Best way to approach to a relationship is with a dose of realism.

So let’s be realistic, there’s no relationship that is fulfilled with sunny days only. Sometimes there is a storm that lasts for days. And when those days come only the hard work and the willingness of the partners can keep the relationship safe. The hard days are inevitable you just need to stay strong.

The relationship will grow even stronger, once you overcome the hard times.

As human beings, we are all different and complex creatures, with different thoughts, perspectives and values and sometimes we are very difficult to deal with. So how can we expect the relationships to be easy when that’s simply impossible. We all have our own flaws and we are far from perfect, but the thing is to find the beauty in the imperfection.

This is what makes the relationships interesting and ever-growing: two imperfect people fighting with all their strength to create the perfect love. Doing their best to stay together and grow old together.

There isn’t more beautiful thing when two individuals followed by all their flaws and imperfections are willing to leave their selfishness and give priority to the selflessness. When they are both ready for compromise just because they love each other. When they carry more for the partner than for their ego and would say “I’m sorry” even if they haven’t done anything wrong.

When both partners make a conscious choice to stay together no matter what and they stick to it

In the end, nothing really matters if we are speaking of true love. Two individuals who love each other deeply and entirely without any reservations, are ready to pass over all the imperfections and all the problems. After all the imperfections are the ones that make the relationship unique.

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