Find Your Favorite Winnie The Pooh Character and Find Out More About Your Health

The classic ‘Winnie The Pooh’ has been a phenomenal childhood favorite. We begged for Winnie’s coloring books, and other merchandise. I personally remember my desk being covered in Pooh and Tigger stickers. Hundred Acre Wood had always been our hideout.

As we grow up, we learn to see things through a different perspective. There has been a lot of pioneering work surrounding the re-imagination of fairy tales and cartoons. Similarly, there was something crucial we missed in Winnie and his friends as well. All these characters can be significant examples of one’s affected by several mental illnesses. The scary part is, once we have decoded it for you, you might even find yourself in one or more of them.

Winnie The Pooh

He may have been the star of the franchise, and the one we loved the most, but Winnie has severe attention deficit issues. He can never keep put, and always functions in a frenzy. This is the classic example of severe ADHD.


The donkey could never be happy. The friends always tried cheering him up, but to no avail. He always carried an intense gloom on his shoulders. Eeyore deeply suffered from Depression. He operated in a bubble that refused to let him see the world in any greater than monochrome.


This small animal fascinated everybody. But he would often lose himself inside his brain, and end up in situations that were not ideal – to say the least. Sometimes, he would cling to isolation, and push everybody out. His mother’s pouch has his escape and hideout. Roo suffered from a case of Autism.


He was the sweetheart of the group. You couldn’t dislike Piglet even if you tried. However, he found it very difficult to stay calm. The slightest provocations had him burst into a calamity of sweat. A relaxed playground was more of a necessity than a choice for him. Piglet suffered from extreme Anxiety Disorder.


Being a kangaroo, wanting to stuff your offspring into your pouch is not an unnatural idea. However, Kanga took this to a frenzied level and became a significantly controlling parent. Having to pull together the ends of her family also contributed to this mess. She suffered from Social Anxiety Disorder.


He seems to have it all together. But that is precisely where the disorder lies. Rabbit cannot stand the smallest of things being in disarray, and gets quite troubled over it. He has a heightened problem of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.


You can never limit him to one single place. Tigger cannot be contained, and is constantly seem bouncing on that spring-like tail of his. One can put this down to immense energy, but it’s hardly just that. Tigger suffers from Hyperactive Disorder.

Christopher Robin

He is the only human participant in the animal frenzy. However, animals do not behave this way in real life. Christopher’s vivid hallucinations created our favorite cartoon. The disease he suffers from is called Schizophrenia. In the real world, Winnie and all his friends are soft toys.

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