Your Home Could Be The Reason Behind Your Anger and Stress

Home might be where the heart lies, but it could also be the reason why you are always so angry or stressed about everything. The energy in your home might be counterproductive to your spirit, which is why it isn’t letting the latter be at peace. You need to be at peace within your abode, if you truly want to live a healthy and content life. This is where Feng Shui comes into play.

Feng shui, to be pretty basic, is the art of maintaining a homeostasis around your house that would balance both forms of energies around you. For, let us be very clear, if the negative energy is in excess, it is going to affect your life in a very bad way. Feng shui is the process that removes negative and old energy from your surroundings while bringing in new, fresh energy that would rejuvenate you.

While Feng Shui might appear to be a bit sunk in superstition, the philosophy behind it applies to everyday life too. If we take care of our homes, by keeping it clean and refreshed, our lives would be the same too. It is pretty obvious to know that our moods are interconnected with our houses.

Here are the 4 signs that show your house to be the reason behind your anger or stress:

One reason behind your house not being peaceful is the accumulation of stuff that you don’t need. For Feng Shui to work, it needs the free passage of energy from one point to the other. Otherwise, it is pretty pointless. If the spaces are cluttered and the energy is contained in just one small, tiny place, it slowly gets putrid and turns into negative energy.


Scent plays an important role too, when it comes to energies all around. When the room feels heavy and is filled with a scent that is uncomfortable and not welcome, the general atmosphere in the room turns out to be dull, negative, and bleak. For this, plants can be useful. They are known to make the air smell great, and also reduce the toxins. Although, most small plants might clutter the area, so it is best to buy an Areca-nut plant, which has approval from the authorities, and which also smells great, while being of use to everyone.

Also, it is important to note that dark energy lies even in the presence of plants. When the atmosphere is one of chaos or a fight, there would be negative energy prevalent. What you can do here is try smudging.

Old, Damaged Objects

They give off a sign of vulnerability, or weakness, and an inability to sustain oneself. Anything that hints at damage, be it a drawer, or a sink, or a shirt with holes in it needs to be either repaired or changed, for the energy to feel vitalized and rejuvenated. That is very important if one wants to feel successful and content in their own homes.

The Door

The door is the most important part of the house, which should have Feng Shui above it. When it does, it sets a mood for the entire house. The entryway should be free of any junk or clutter and should be visible from the farthest room of the house. This will lead to positive energies having a free passageway to move to and fro, and which will then lead to a happy, safe, contented house. It would prevent any sort of anger and stress in your household.

Why don’t you give it a try and see for yourself?

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