11 Surprising Things You Do That Will Make Your Partner Leave, Even If They Love You

As important as it is to be able to be comfortable around your partner, it is only imperative that you consciously observe your behavioral pattern. It is necessary to take all the small things into account, so that your bond stays healthy and lasts long. Here are 11 characteristics that might lead to your break-up:

1. Not Knowing When To Stop With The Jokes:

Listen, I understand dark humor. But there is a broad dichotomy between being funny, and being ridiculously offensive. Don’t go about making jokes about apartheid and expect people to like you.

2. Being Unhygienic:

As much as your partner loves and adores you, it becomes impossible to co-exist with somebody who spells like a huge trash can.

3. Extreme Scrutiny:

If you keep attacking them for small things they do, then they will try hiding themselves away. You are not their mother, or their teacher. It is okay to give advice, but don’t throw mud at them.

4. Need For Space:

If you text your partner 24/7, and get mad if he/she does not reply immediately, then you’ve got a problem. Learn to grant your partner their own exclusive personal space.

5. Being A Messy Eater:

You think table manner don’t matter, until you watch your lover stick that leg of chicken into their mouth, dump the bones in front of your plate, and speak to you with lettuce in their teeth. Believe me, all love erodes away.

6. Being Obsessed With Your Mobile:

When you’re spending time with somebody, it is expected of you to be present in the moment. I mean, why waste money on going to a restaurant when you are going to be face-deep in Instagram all through?

7. Being A Dominator During Chat:

You don’t always have to make your point. Sometimes, it is important that you let the other person speak. Being able to really listen to your lover is a very important virtue.

8. Snoring Loudly:

It might seem like a small thing in the beginning. But 20 sleepless nights later, your partner will want to strangle you with their pillow. Get it checked if you don’t want a divorce.

9. Always Talking About Technical Aspects Of Life:

I understand you need to split the bill or divide household chores. But you cannot treat them as your servant or expect them to run by your orders. Loosen up a little!

10. Throwing Money Around:

It is impossible to be with somebody who does not understand how to handle money. If he/she squanders away all your resources, then it will ultimately impact the future you wish to spend together.

11. Being Very Messy:

Nobody wants to have to roam around the house picking up your dirty laundry, and wet towels. As a grown adult please learn to keep the living space as something human beings can exist in. If your lover walks into your house and the first thing they step on is a half-eaten lollipop, then your chance is over!

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