11 Things Men Notice About Women – Even When You Don’t

The best time in any relationship starts when both the partners are absolutely comfortable around each other. They don’t feel the need to be anyone or anything other than what they truly are. However that doesn’t mean that the partners don’t notice certain things about each other. In fact here are 11 things which men are quicker to zoom in on than women:

1.The amount of your food intake

You might not notice it yourself (isn’t that how those pesky calories sneak in). But the man in your life is paying rapt attention to whatever it is that you are eating.

2.Your makeup routine

Another thing that comes naturally to women. However, men have trained themselves to observe their woman’s makeup preparation for the day and deduce her plans for the day.

3.Your choice of drinks

The pointers so far might have given you the clue that men actually pay attention to the little details to know more about their women without seeming to pester them. And the choice of drinks is surely a great way to know about the kind of day someone has had.

4.Your choice of color in your wardrobe

Another way to know about a woman’s mood is to see what colored clothes she puts on. Gloomy beige or bright prime colors, clothes can really reveal a lot.

5.Things that make you happy

When you do something that you like, your face lights up- and that gives him the signal that this particular thing is important to you.

6.The smile you wear

Another thing that women do without even realizing is enamoring the man of their life with their smile. Ladies not only does he notice it every time; he will do everything to make sure you keep smiling.

7.How you react to certain things

He has learnt to read your face for hints about how you are really feeling. He is not just listening to what you are saying, but he is also noticing your facial expressions to deduct your genuine emotions.

8.Your little quirks

All of us have something or the other about us which is weird. And we don’t even notice it or pay heed to it. But the man in your life is definitely paying attention to your quirks and he is falling in love with them.

9.The kind of music you like

The kind of music one prefers says a lot about a person. You might be playing random songs you like, but he is making careful notes in a bid to understand you better.

10.Things which bother you

He notices even the little things which bother you and tries his best to steer you away from them whenever possible. He would prefer if nothing ever brings a frown to your face.

11.The things that make you feel alive

Everything that makes you feel alive and grateful for the life you have is going straight into his mental checklist. And he will do everything to make all those things happen as often as possible.

One comment on “11 Things Men Notice About Women – Even When You Don’t”

  1. Sally says:

    Looking at the way some young girls dress, tights, when they are too heavy to wear them, pajama pants, messy hair, I don’t think men notice anything…

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