5 Possible Outcomes If You Don’t Change Your Underwear Enough

In an ideal world there won’t be any wage gap, or world hunger or global warming. In an ideal world, a post warning women of the dangers of repeating underwears would not exist because every woman, everywhere would put on a fresh pair every single morning. However this is not an ideal world and we all have been guilty of recycling our unwashed underwear, haven’t we?

And before seemingly perfect humans express their disgust on this open admission of my laziness, let me tell you that it isn’t really that big a deal. Scientists have confirmed that there is no harm in using unwashed underwear, as long as there is no stain, from urine or discharge visible.

So ladies, you need not give yourself a hard time in case you run out of fresh pairs during a trip abroad. However, there are certain things that you need to be on the lookout for. It is still potentially dangerous to wear unwashed underwear and here are the 5 things that happen to you if you are not careful about your intimate garments:

1.Itchy skin

You will feel the constant urge to scratch yourself because of the itchiness. This happens because various bacteria which get built up on your dirty panties start making a break for your skin. Although it is not a grave danger, you still need to pay heed and change into a clean pair ASAP. Left untreated, a seemingly harmless rash might turn into something more dangerous.

2.Bad rashes and sores

If the itchiness wasn’t enough to alert you, a rash or sore will follow soon. The dirty garment can easily chafe the skin and cause nasty red bumps. These rashes are treatable but that doesn’t make them any less of a pain in the ass (literally?).

3.The smell of your vagina will change

Your vagina naturally smells a certain way- and that is healthy. But if you don’t change your underwear as often as you should, that natural smell might soon turn into something muskier and nastier. This is your vagina crying out loud for fresh air; that is a fresh panty. Too much buildup of discharge and bacteria on your current one is blocking the supply of oxygen to your private parts.

4.Yeast infection

If you want to avoid an unnecessary to your gynecologist, you are advised to change your intimate garments often. If you let them accumulate too much sweat (and heat) they become breeding grounds for yeasts and bacteria. Cotton underwear seems to hold out for longer than silk or lace. The latter are more likely to trap heat and moisture and might make your life hell if not cleaned properly.

5.Your chances of getting a UTI increase

The bacteria from your unchanged underwear can easily find its way into your urinary tract. And if it does, all you will look forward to is a world of pain. It is very dangerous to your health and should be avoided at all costs. All you need to do is use warm water for washing your panties and all these bad bacteria will be killed.

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