12 Signs You Are Turning Into a Crazy Girlfriend That You Never Wanted To Be

Most of us don’t want to be one of those irritating, needy, psycho people. At least we surely don’t aspire to be that way. However, knowingly or unknowingly, we often tend to do or say such things which make us look like these psychos that we don’t want to be.

This is especially true in case of relationships. Here are 12 such significant signs that you are turning into a crazy girlfriend that you never wanted to be.

1. Browsing your partner’s phone

It all started with a slight glance out of the corner of your eyes whenever there was some activity on his phone. Now, eventually, you can’t resist the urge to read all his texts, whenever you get a chance.

2. Undue Jealousy

You simply don’t want him to be around your BFF, who is probably prettier than you are. You do this even after knowing fully well that your partner would never make any approaches towards her. Yet, you are not even okay with his seeing her face.

3. Baseless fighting

You start fighting with him for no apparent reason whatsoever. It could just be that you need attention, or are bored or something like that. However, the point is that you argue unnecessarily.

4. You freak out if he doesn’t reply immediately

Maybe he is out with his friends or at work. You simply don’t care! What matters to you most is the fact that you didn’t get an immediate reply to your text and have already reached the worst possible conclusion.

5. Always expecting compliments

It’s absolutely normal for your partner to sometimes not compliment your new haircut, new dress or any other such thing. Well, not for you. It makes you feel that you are not wanted and, obviously, you don’t sit quiet.

6. Physical assault

In any relationship, physical assault or abuse is never alright. Even when it’s perpetrated by the woman. Yet, you haven’t cared for all this at certain times and maybe have hurled a glass at them or have hit him with something else.

7. Online stalking

You compulsively stalk his Facebook or Instagram profile to check whether he like photos of other women. You’d inevitably start an ugly fight if he does.

8. Spying

You spy on your boyfriend even when you already know that he is not cheating. Anyway, you always want to know where he his and so you secretly track his phone or something.

9. Attention! Attention! Attention!

You can do anything and go to any extent to get your partner’s fullest attention all the time. You can even make up stories or hurt yourself for this purpose.

10. You want all his time

You just can’t bear him spending time with anybody else but you.

11. Rapid fire

You literally play a rapid fire round with him, asking questions after questions, whenever he gets back home or even over phone.

12. You want to conceive

You want to get pregnant with him since you see it as a way of keeping him close to you.

It inevitably gets unbearable for your partner to be with you if you behave this way. Hone all your will power and check yourself, the moment you notice these signs in yourself.

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