Designing Business Cards for Printing

Business owners usually think that in this digitally connected world where social media can help connect with thousands or millions at once, there is hardly a need to print business cards. This is a wrong perception because business cards are the most vital tool that helps you connect with people you meet in a tangible way. So, as a business owner, you should trust social media to connect with people in the virtual world while using business cards to connect with people in the real world.

Though there are innumerable benefits of using business cards, three of them are mentioned here. After you go through them, you might have the itch to design your business card that’s unique and represents your brand. If so, you should read the following tips that will allow creating business cards that connect with your brand and help represent it in a better manner.

The Basics

When hoping to design a business card on your own or getting it designed from an expert like Rayacom, you should make sure that you have the fundamentals nailed down. A business card is incomplete until it has the name, email address, phone number, and other ways to stay in touch like a Skype id.

Use Visuals

The next step is to use visually striking images that catch a person’s eye and make a business card memorable. A smart idea could be to use one side of the business card to display contact information and use the other side (usually the back) to add some fun to the card. A custom illustration might be a perfect idea for the back.

Font and Color

When creating a business card design, you must know that printers use 4 colors Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black. Make use of these colors as much as possible to make the card appealing. You should also make sure that the size and type of your font are perfect. The size must not be smaller than 8 pt or people will find it hard to read and the font should not be too fancy that people find it difficult to pronounce your name. Avoid graphics or descriptive font and stick to simple options like serif or clear sans serif typeface.

Materials Matter

There are many business card material options available to all the business owners. You would be smart to try one or two of them. Don’t go overboard and include all the bells and whistles as it may make the business card too glossy or too weird. Some of the options worth considering are choosing linen, soft touch or clear or frosted plastic cards. If you are bold enough, you can also get rid of the rectangular shape and get the business card designed in a unique shape. Do remember that these add-on features might increase the cost of printing, so you need to keep the budget in mind.

The Safe Area

When getting a business card printed, you should remember that most printers need 3 mm bleed. For those who are unaware, bleed is printing which goes beyond the edge of the design chosen by you. It must be the same color as the background of the card to ensure that the edges of a business card are perfect. The contact information of your business card needs to be placed in the safe area, that is the center of your card to ensure that it is not accidentally cut during the printing process.

It is hoped that you now know the process of designing business cards for printing and you’ll create an excellent one for yourself. You can also read what your business card says about you for more information and guidance.

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