3 Advantages of E-liquids over Tobacco

For a tobacco user, the greatest challenge is winning the quit battle. It is a process many former tobacco users profess to be a painful experience. Tobacco use dates so many years back and to date has claimed millions of lives.

Tobacco gives you easy entry, but not easy to quit as a result of deadly withdrawal symptoms. Today, the process is no longer an uphill task. Use of e-liquids is great as it has lesser nicotine compared to tobacco and with zero adverse effects to the user.

What is e-liquid? In simple terms, e-liquid is a liquid that is converted to vapor using an e-cigarette device. If you are a beginner, choose the right device from buyv2cigs.co.uk as they have varied quality e-liquid flavors. Once you have identified the right type of vape flavor, below are some of the benefits you’ll get.

No Noxious Odors

The advantage e-liquids have over tobacco is no odors you will experience after vaping. You have the freedom to vape, anywhere and your clothes plus the environment you are in will have no unusual smell. New users detest the after smell; however, e-liquid is excellent to everyone irrespective of the vaping type you are using.

The only caution to have when buying is to choose the right shop for quality e-liquids.

Various Flavors

There are multiple flavors on the market, and as you transition from smoking to vaping, you can test the e-liquids available until you get the right one. The world of e-liquids is vast, and therefore, those who quit smoking undergo a smooth process without experiencing any withdrawal symptoms.

There are numerous e-juices with varied flavors, and they enhance your vaping experience. Some of the popular types you will see on the market are strawberry, watermelon, banana, peach, grape, citrus, mango and more.


If new to vaping, one of the fears is whether nicotine level will balance with that of smoking. One good thing with vaping is the ability to choose the nicotine level of preference. You can check any store, and you may select from e-liquids that are nicotine-free to high-level strength nicotine.

The type of e-liquid you choose depends on the e-cigarette device. Therefore, if looking for e-liquid that gives you a throat kick, high nicotine type fulfill the urge. It has a similar sensation to smoking. Expert vapers advice beginners to go for mouth to lung devices as they mimic perfectly the smoking experience.

The e-liquid invention has helped former tobacco users to have control over the level of nicotine intake.


After you quit smoking, the only process that requires a little bit of your time is searching for the right vaping flavor. So, at first, go for small quantities until you find the flavor to stick with. For a great experience, make sure you store your e-liquid in a cool place where the sun cannot reach them.

Also, avoid buying e-liquids in quantity as most of them have an expiring date.

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