5 Phrases That Are Repeatedly Used By Pathological Liars

 The foundation of a successful, healthy relationship is based on the ground of mutual trust and unadulterated communication. But the moment someone breaks the vows by inculcating lies in the conversations, the relationship starts crumbling. The concept of trust takes a rocky tour downhill and the liar is left isolated.

Agreed, it’s impossible to lead a life without uttering a single lie once in a while. But there is a lot of difference between a simple white lie and a chronic habit of lying. One brings in a tinge of happy surprise while the other shatters happiness permanently!

One can never fathom what’s going on in a liar’s mind. But we can always take lessons from the past to prepare ourselves for the future, right? In this article, we have listed 5 common phrases used by all the harmful liars around you. Put up your guard and get ready!

1. “Actually, the truth is…”

It’s okay we get it. You are so consumed with the idea of enshrouding yourself with lies that you get defensive about it when asked. We always expect you to tell the truth. So, if you use the phrase, you are asking for trouble. Next!

2. Detailed descriptions

We normally don’t detest the idea of detailed, vivid descriptions. But you will know about its truth right away – primarily because of how they present the story. If you think it sounds well-rehearsed and way too polished, there might be a chance they are lying fluently.

3. Use of absolute words like “Never” and “Always”

If you come across a person who uses terms which define a definite pattern of action like “never have I ever” or “Always”, he might be a liar. He is trying to buy your reliability with these hollow words to get associated with you temporarily. Never entertain the “absolutists”!

4. Never use first person terms like “I” and replacing them with “they/him/her”

Liars typically tend to use words of hatred, anger and disgust against other individuals. They never describe themselves saying “I” or “me”. They love to point out others’ mistakes and fallacies to buy his way into your territory.

5. Brief responses, avoidance and whining justifications

They will never let you be the judge of a situation. If you point out a mistake they have probably made, they will for sure come up with random words of justification to prove that they are always right. They will also avoid your company at times and treat you to rude, short responses. Is it worth hanging out with a person with so many liabilities? Nope.

If you come across people who tend to use these phrases often in their words to sugarcoat their appearance, do not fall for the trap! Look out for the liars, keep away from the toxicity and lead a happy life. More power to you!

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  1. Joe says:

    Sounds like our great president.

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