6 Uncomfortable Signs You Are Losing Yourself In Your Relationship

A new relationship is all about having fun and excitement. When you begin your relationship, you want to be absolutely committed to your partner, dedicating every bit of your time to the relationship. It might seem that you try everything possible to make the relationship work. However, such an attitude does not mean that you will forget the importance of your individuality in the relationship. Your identity is yours. Your relationship or your partner, does not define your identity. You might not even realize when you have lost yourself in the relationship. It is never meant to distance yourself from everything else, just to be with your partner. Try to be the way you are and handle the relationship in your way. Pretending to be someone will never let you be true to either yourself or others.

1. Your partner’s problems seem to be yours

It is good to be empathetic towards your partner when there is a problem. However, the problem isn’t yours. The least you can do is support or encourage him/her that everything is going to be alright. The problem has to be tackled by your partner. Feeling obligated to the problem is not going to fetch a solution. By taking the burden on yourself, you will not be able to support your partner, which will further degrade the situation.

2. You are always in dilemma

You are always doubtful about your partner’s expectations from you. You question yourself about the consequences that might occur if you did not act accordingly. You are always worried about the relationship which creates anxiety and exhaustion. You will not do injustice to the relationship, if you try to be yourself.

3. You let go off opportunities

Relationships are not meant to compromise with your life or career. Turning down opportunities for the sake of your relationship isn’t a wise thing. You may lose your personality and eventually become more dependent on your partner. You are investing yourself a bit too much in the relationship, compared to your partner.

4. You always identify yourself as a couple

It isn’t really cute to identify yourself as “we”, always. You need to identify yourself as an individual first, and then with your partner. By doing so, you become the spokesperson for your partner, which is rather annoying. Try to confirm to your identity because your individuality comes before everything else.

5. You feel overburdened

Investing more than required in a relationship, makes you feel like this. You do realize the situation at some point of time but you’ve gone too far. You eventually get irritated by the relationship, which once meant the world to you. It is then when you need to change yourself to hold on to your relationship. You are not supposed to feel guilty or claustrophobic in your relationship. In case you do, it is a high time to make necessary changes.

6. You fear confrontation

Agreeing with your partner to an extent where you start negating your own opinions, is harmful. Your views equally matter as that of your partner. There is no need to sacrifice your thoughts to make your partner feel that he/she is always right. Relationships are meant to respect and support the views of both, even if you have certain disagreements. Stay positive in your relationship which will keep it healthy, stable and balanced.

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